Friday, June 15, 2007
a little photography love.
i by no means consider myself a "great" photographer; just someone that loves to take pictures and fiddles with it to try to get a good outcome.

i recently purchased allison tyler jones' book, "expressions," which is AWESOME for someone like me who wants to "fiddle" with pictures & photography, but gets stumped once a lot of numbers and fstops and jazz gets thrown at her. awesome book, y'all. if you are a parent or grandparent and just want some good, basic tips in plain language, get this book.

anyways, so i've been trying to do a little photography here and there since i've been stuck at home lately, and i've also been learning to mess with actions in photoshop (don't laugh, adrienne- yes it's taken me this long.) ;)

so here's a few little things i've experimented with lately:

(yes, that is ink on atticus' face and yes, that is a harry potter stamp in his mouth. tee hee!)

finally, on a random note... shaun showed me this at an etsy shop. i think i might need to get it!
Blogger Adrienne said...
OMG!!! THAT IS NOT INK!!!!!! OMG! LOL,and I LOVE that shirt!!!! TEE HEEE!!!! ANd I am NOT laughing...what's it been...two years? ROFLOL! LUB YOU!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Cute you!

Blogger Katie said...
that shirt is genius ... you must have it!

Blogger Dollar General said...
Okay, I'm retarted! I thought you made the manikin with your photoshop! I probably shouldn't admit that! HA! Those are GREAT pictures! I'm dying to get a hold of some good photo software - what do you use? I loved the picture a while back with just Emerson's tights in color. I would NEVER get off the computer if I had it though! Anyway! Very creative!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
You HAVE to get the shirt! I love it!

Blogger Andy said...
love the pictures. they are great. thanks for book recommendation. i'll have to check it out. the shirt is great too.