Friday, June 15, 2007
a little photography love.
i by no means consider myself a "great" photographer; just someone that loves to take pictures and fiddles with it to try to get a good outcome.

i recently purchased allison tyler jones' book, "expressions," which is AWESOME for someone like me who wants to "fiddle" with pictures & photography, but gets stumped once a lot of numbers and fstops and jazz gets thrown at her. awesome book, y'all. if you are a parent or grandparent and just want some good, basic tips in plain language, get this book.

anyways, so i've been trying to do a little photography here and there since i've been stuck at home lately, and i've also been learning to mess with actions in photoshop (don't laugh, adrienne- yes it's taken me this long.) ;)

so here's a few little things i've experimented with lately:

(yes, that is ink on atticus' face and yes, that is a harry potter stamp in his mouth. tee hee!)

finally, on a random note... shaun showed me this at an etsy shop. i think i might need to get it!
Blogger Adrienne said...
OMG!!! THAT IS NOT INK!!!!!! OMG! LOL,and I LOVE that shirt!!!! TEE HEEE!!!! ANd I am NOT laughing...what's it been...two years? ROFLOL! LUB YOU!

Blogger care-in said...
Cute you!

Blogger Katie said...
that shirt is genius ... you must have it!

Blogger Dollar General said...
Okay, I'm retarted! I thought you made the manikin with your photoshop! I probably shouldn't admit that! HA! Those are GREAT pictures! I'm dying to get a hold of some good photo software - what do you use? I loved the picture a while back with just Emerson's tights in color. I would NEVER get off the computer if I had it though! Anyway! Very creative!

Anonymous Mandy said...
You HAVE to get the shirt! I love it!

Blogger Andy said...
love the pictures. they are great. thanks for book recommendation. i'll have to check it out. the shirt is great too.

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