Thursday, May 15, 2008
There is NOTHING
sexier than a daddy.

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Blogger Adrienne said...
I ADORE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous Amy Nabors said...
love, love, love this layout! you are so good at layering.

Blogger noelmignon said...
wow...this is great!! :)

Blogger 3QTGUYS said...
Yeah, really! I am agreeing with Amy. Your layering rocks! What a great "outside of the box" mind!

Blogger Gina said...
I LOVE this lo!!! The title is too true and what sweet photos!

Blogger bruinbr said...
this is such a sweet lo!!

Blogger Morgan said...
Wow, absolutely amazing! You better be careful, you're going to end up with a fourth kiddo, hehe!

Blogger noelmignon said...'re the winner! Email me at so we can get the details for the June guest spot figured out.

Thanks and congratualtions!!!


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