Wednesday, May 07, 2008
Mom's Day Out...
was one of the best things ever conceived of for moms. :)

The kidlets are officially signed up and went for their first day of "school" yesterday. Oh man, it was so nice to not be called "Mommy!" for 6 hours! And bonus- I got to spend a good portion of time yesterday playing with scrappy stuff. Good times, good times.

In other news...

we recently changed churches.

Dude, this was a hard, hard, hard, difficult decision. It had nothing to do with the church we were going to... we absolutely love that church (and still plan to go visit as frequently as possible). It was more to do with the fact that we really felt like God was leading us somewhere different.

Now, people use that Christian jargon all the time... to the point that it feels like it's almost an excuse to cover up what you're really thinking sometimes. In this case, though, it is 100% truth. We had to make a choice between two really good things for our family, and to see where God would take us in the next few years as far as ministry and being a part of our community was concerned.

So anyways, it's been on my mind (obviously) a lot lately.... just a big change in our life. A good change.

Here are some pics from going to Community Group last Sunday night...

Seriously, what in the heck?!

Atticus decided to literally pour Root Beer all over himself. I turned around to see him holding over his shirt and then looking at me and saying "Uh Oh."

We had to use an extra shirt that Em had in her bag.

Yeah, my kids are pretty much going to hate me for some of these pics when they're older.


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Blogger Adrienne said...
Ok that picture of Atticus with a pink shirt on just cracks me up!! "I" want to scrapbook that one and he isn't even MY child!

You have to make those decisions. We were in a similar situation a few years back. I honestly have to say that leaving the church where we were and WAITING on God to direct us to the church where we are now, was one of the best things we have ever done spiritually!!

Ok, going back to look at that picture of Atticus...oh and Ummmm your pics look great...even if you are using a Nikon..did I just blog in your comments?!?! Lub you!

Blogger Adrienne said...
LOL yeah that picture is SO funny lol. Love the pleated neckline lol, so trendy! LOL

Blogger Andy said...
love the one of em scratching her but

Blogger Andrea S. said...
It was great visiting with you at the store yesterday. I'm glad you enjoyed your kid-free day! :) Ayla had a great time with Sabriel and was asking about the baby later in the day. We'll have to meet up another Tues. so I can watch your genious creative nature in action. :)

Blogger Croppycatter said...
Don't won't be kids are going to hate me for some of their pics too! Congrats on your new church! I really hope it works out for never know where God needs us at any certain time...sometimes we find out later and then sometimes we never do!

Blogger Deanna said...
Glad to know you finally settled on decision that you feel is best for the fam. I know it'd been plaguing you. It's good to have resolution. :)

Love the fishing pictures! Can't wait to see how you scap them, because they're very scrappable. And yeah, Atticus will hate for taking those pics one day! teehee!

Blogger Lisa said...
wow - all the pictures are awesome. congrats on mom's day out - you are one mom that certainly deserves it. is it always on a Tuesday? we need to hook up one of those days!! I'm having Virginia withdrawals!!

Hope the church situation works out well for you - you just have to go where He leads you!!

And my favorite picture is Atticus squatting next to the other little boy - like they are sharing some deep dark fishing secret - so cute. Well, the pink shirt and Em scratching her hiney are pretty funny too!!

Blogger HoweverAlthough said...
I'm gonna blog in your comments, too...if Adrienne can do it, so can I. We are so struggling with the church issue right now. We loved our church in Bham, and although Bham is not a long drive, I strongly feel like we should go to church where we can connect (and help make a difference)with the community we live in. BUT that being said, every church we go to here (and I admit we haven't exhausted all options) doesn't feel like the one. And the longer we don't go, the easier it is to sleep in on Sunday and just forget about it. I wonder if I'm trying too hard to find a place that felt as good as our Bham church felt the minute we walked in...and I'm not sure if my expectations are too high or what.
OK - I feel better having vented in your comments. Thank you for your time and space. ;)

Blogger Adrienne said...
hehehehehehehe lol

Blogger Kim said...
Great pics; I love the fishing ones, too.

I hope poopiness isn't spreading 'round your 'appy 'ome.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
So funny...the butt, the pink shirt! Ha!

Blogger Heather said...
Hahaha on the picture with the butt..totally made my day! How many times do we wish we could just do that as adults..really?! Too cute!

And good for you for making the best decision for your family. We have been in the situation before and it can be very difficult leaving. I hope you enjoy getting involved in your new church! ;)

Blogger Haley said...
Dude! I don't know what is funnier, Em picking at her back side, or Atticus in that pink shirt!!!

LOL! I'm still laughing! :-)

Gorgeous photos otherwise, go you!

I am about to enroll Jackson in Mother's Day Out....cause I need a break too.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Awh V ! You got some adorable photos , those are REALLY great, i cant wait to see you scrap them .

I know, decisions are hard and you always second guess yourself, i just always try to tell myself if my gut says its right i have to trust that or i would obsess !

Have a wonderful week !

Blogger Missy said...
Fun pics! I love Atticus in the pink shirt.
Congrats on the new Church and the Mothers Day out! Woohoo!!!!

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