Monday, May 12, 2008
Discover Your Scrapbooking Style Class
Have you ever wondered why it is that some scrapbookers' layouts are identifiable a mile away? Have you ever though, "I wish I could figure out what my scrapbooking style is?" If you can answer yes to either of those questions, this class is for you.

Meet with me on either Saturday, May 17th (6:30pm
) or Saturday, May 24th (6:30pm) for a workshop style class. This is going to be an interactive class, so I'm keep the class size down to 6 people. We'll be discussing what factors can go into helping you discover your scrapping style, key things to look at in that process, and some practical steps for pinpointing those things.

Please bring with you:
-two pieces of cardstock in your favorite colors

-several pieces of your favorite patterned papers
-an embellishment or two that you bought for no reason except that you just love it
-anything that you tend to reach for time and time again on your layouts
-some favorite photos (either you like the way th
ey look, or they stir a strong emotion in you)
-basic tools (trimmer, adhesive, pens, scissors)
-clippings from magazines, both scrapbooking related and not; these need to be things that strike your eye for some reason or another

You will go home with a Design Workbook that you will be able to refer to as you continue to grow more comfortable in your scrapbooking style.

Cost: $20
Instructor: Virginia Tillery
Call Scrap Etc. at 985-9323 to sign up!
(please email me at if you have any questions!)

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Blogger Gina said...
This sounds awesome! Where do you live again? lol, I wish I were close enough to come.

Blogger Andy said...
cool. your scrapbooking stuff is always so great. love looking at the pretty pages. how do you get the swirlies (i'm not sure if that is a word) on your photos. like the one in your mothers day post. there was one with a swirl on the bottom of it. love that.

Blogger Andy said...
don't have photo shop but love when you use them so addiction or not keep using.

Blogger Haley said...
Why do I not live in AL? This is what I ask myself every time you have a class!

Blogger Jana Eubank said...
Man! Why can't I live closer to you!!! I would sooooo be there if I was!

Blogger Table for 3 said...
Hmmmm....I think I might sign up for this. Hopefully hubby can watch the kiddo.

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