Wednesday, May 07, 2008
Camera Tidbits
I clearly am all about my new camera... love it, love it, love it.

I wanted to share with y'all some of the helpful things I've found on the internets in my search for good info & tips on all things photography related.

To begin with, my husband pointed out this site to me, and it's been super helpful. I especially like his sections on How to Make Great Photos
and Recommended Cameras, (which, coincidentally, was one of the factors in why I got the Nikon D40 and a speedlight. Also, because I love my old Nikon SLR. Sorry, Adrienne, I'm a Nikon girl. Heheh)

Speaking of cameras, my husband also pointed out this nifty feature on Canon Point & Shoots today... basically, you can hack into your camera's software and make it a much better camera than it already is (such as shutter speed and exposure time). Check out his blurb on it here, and further info on it here. (via Shaun. There, are you happy? heh)

Photo editing tidbits:

I like the Big Huge Lab's photo mosaic maker, if you haven't heard of it by now.

Also a big fan of Shutterfly Studio. It's how I made my header on here. It's free, fast, and nifty.

This has always been my "go to" tutorial for scanning in a layout and then stitching it together in photoshop.

One of my all-time-faves, How to make digi photos look like Lomo photography. It's been posted on here multiple times, but I figure there might be *one* person out there who hasn't seen it yet. Heheh

Here's a similar one, but a wee bit different, for a more vintage effect.

The Top Best 55 Photoshop Tutorials... I haven't actually looked at this yet, but it's on my list of "to do" things for photography. You know, in all that free time I have.

9 Digital Camera Settings for every photographer to know (again, ditto above)

DIY Macro Photo studio (for less than $10)... this is like a little place to set up photo shoots for small stuff, like a card, or piece of jewelry, or whatev.

How to make a blinkie in Photoshop CS

(MUCH easier than I thought it would be!)

Some great brushes here and here. (Thanks, Katie!)

Some cool eye candy. (via Elsie)

So, here's what you need to do:

-leave me a link with some of your fave photography website or eye candy

-let me know if you'd be interested in a little "tips & tricks- ghetto style" to photoshop/photography/other photo related miscellany once a week

And I'll draw from the comments and send you a little somethin'-somethin'!

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Blogger Adrienne said...
*sigh* I GUESS I'll get over it, but ONLY because the picture of Atticus is still making me smile (maybe I will put one of the girls shirts on AJ and take a pic..hmmm lol) I have never seen the link for stitching a LO!!! I hate the way mine come out! I am SO going to try this!

Great post!
Now off to smile at Atticus some more :-)

Blogger HoweverAlthough said...
Absolutely interested in the ghetto photo that what you called it? One of my fave eye candy spots: my friend Bobbie Jo's flickr photostream...because it's mostly my dogs. :) She is "shutterjo."
And I like Pioneer Woman's photo tips. I like her site almost as much as I like dooce.
Of course,all of these sites I mention are behind your site in my rankings. You win. :) Wait a minute! Am I blogging in your comments again?

Blogger Deanna said...
I just want to learn that Lomo effect but I don't have a photoshop. I've got the perfect photo in mind too! How 'bout you do it for me! hehehe! (totally kidding, girl! I need to learn on my own!)

Blogger Lisa said...
I clicked on 'Shaun' and went to his blog and was pointing out to Jason that cool guys blog!! And looked at his latest post with the wedding pictures - and gosh I had tears in my eyes and can't read your post now!! So I'll read your tips later.

Blogger Abbey said...
Ooooooo, yeah! Give me the free stuff, girl! Tips are good for me. I have the Nikon D40, and mostly I don't know what the hell I'm doin' with it,so I love free tips!!! Yeah photograhy tips!!! You and your hubby are the best free info internet people I have ever met. Lovin that.
Does that make me a total user and abuser? Have I only ever called you to ask for your artistic assistnace on a briefcase? And now am I taking total advantage of your willingness to do work and then pass it off to me free of charge?
Well... I suppose 'tis true. But I do love you both for it very much!!! :) Yay you!!!

Blogger staceyfike said...
cool links, thanks!! i'm gonna go check some of these out now!

did you already mention i love their email tips.

Anonymous Linh said...
I like Pioneer Woman photoshop tips. I've been using her free actions on every digital pic I have and I don't think I'll be able to live with pictures not going through those actions ever again. I guess I'll have to buy a copy of Photoshop now instead of just using the free trial versions!

I think photo tips from you would be GREAT!

Blogger heidi said...
I'm always learning new stuff on -- plus they have a for sale board where you can pick up slighty used lenses (and other stuff) for less!

Blogger elizbailey said...
Thanks for sharing all the photo links. I had not seen many of them, and you've given me something else to play with now! is a great site to get some free actions.

Blogger elizbailey said...
Thanks for sharing all the photo links. I had not seen many of them, and you've given me something else to play with now! is a great site to get some free actions.

Blogger The Cool Chicks said...
I love Lisa Damrosch for her beautiful pics of her darling little guy too. She, as am I, is a Nikon girl too. LOVE my D40x!!!


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