Wednesday, April 30, 2008
Spiritual Poop or Devotions from Tots
Parenthood (and other relationships) never fails to amaze me about what it can teach me about God's relationship with me.

Sometimes, I probably take it a little too far... I mean, you can't read into EVERYTHING and make it about your relationship with God. However, I think in certain moments, His Spirit has softened my heart to notice something that I do every day and remind me about how God treats me, His daughter.

Case in point...

Em is calling me into the bathroom today, to wipe her after pooping. (Oh yes, good times.)

I started cleaning her up, and she started trying to help.

I told her, "No Em, don't touch. I don't want you to get messy. Let me clean up your poop for you."

Now, I'm not going to oversimplify the gospel- but seriously- in a lot of ways, that IS God's grace. He sent His Son in my place so that He could "clean up my poop" so I didn't "get messy," so to speak.

(Granted, that's not to say that sin doesn't have consequences that we sometimes have to clean up, but Jesus did provide grace and mercy for us for the ultimate price that we would have to pay.)

All that said... Thank you, Jesus, for being willing to clean up my poop.

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Blogger Haley said...
V, this is so an everyday life kind of way. It touched me. :-)

Blogger Heather said...
Well that title surely grabbed my! Loved reading this Virginia and how very true it is! Thanks so much for sharing your heart! ;)

Blogger gimmegodiva said...
Well put! I think that will hit home with a lot of us!!!

Blogger Reformed Mama said...
too true. I also find that God uses those "poop" moments to teach me a WHOLE LOT about servant leadership!

Anonymous Erin Bassett said...
Great perspective & SO true!

Blogger Disney Scrapper said...
Thank God for his grace and mercy. If only we offered that to everyone we come into contact with. Thanks V for reminding me of all of his sacrifices for me.

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