Thursday, April 03, 2008
Why does stuff make me "happy"?

Why can't I seem to use my time more wisely?

Why did I wait so long to pay my $22 library fine?

Why is my scrapbooking desk an enormous mess?

Why can't there be an invisible shield around my front porch to keep all of the pollen off?

Why can't it be much, much easier to leave the house with three kids?

Why is our library so freaking cool about having three little kids running around in it (well, minus Sabriel, she can't really run around. Yet.) ?

Why do kind people get taken advantage of?

Why haven't I finished making my rolodex cards for the swap at the Event?

Why do the Hills have to move to Mississippi?

Why can marriage be so hard sometimes?

Why do the little rolly pirate skulls from the Happy Meals make me laugh?

Why does my husband put up with my shenanigans?

And why does he continue to laugh at my "Wachovia" joke? Oh wait. He doesn't. That's me that still laughs at it. hehe

Why did I have to tell Atticus FIVE TIMES THIS MORNING, "Stop asking me to put on your tiara!!"?

And why does this make me wonder exactly how secure he is in his masculinity? ;)

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Blogger Lisa said...
Well I think Atticus looks fabulous in pink! :) He's such a cutie. And YOU are my new BFF - I so am not 30!!! But I love you for saying so!! I'll be 37 this year! SERIOUSLY!!!

oh gosh I was dying laughing and he is soo darn happy too!!!!!

They say only real men can wear pink and i totally agree with the statement only a real man is sure in himself.

Blogger Deanna said...
hehehehehe! That's too cute! And I think he's quite secure! ;)

Blogger Jenn said...
What cool thoughts ! I love stuff like that !
And that video is so cute !
Have a great weeekend ! I love your new avatar too !!!!


Blogger care-in said...
What a hoot!

Blogger Morgan said...
I was going to say too that it takes a real man to wear pink!!! He's too cute, kudos for being carefree enough not to worry about what he's dressing up in. Yay Atticus!!!

Blogger Christina said...
OMG!! That video is so stinkin' cute!! Adison went through a stage where he was always in a pink dress, pearls and cinderella shoes, too!! LOL!! Now my tough little guy has upgraded to a superman costume with a skirt over the top!! Laugh!!

Blogger Kim said...
We gotta, GOTTA finish... Could it still be possible that we're moving away?

Blogger HoweverAlthough said...
I have a question for you...
Why does the scallop circle punch I got in the mail from today make me GIDDY?
I'll tell you why. Because Virginia has one too! That means it ROCKS.
As does Virginia.

Anonymous Linh said...
They are so cute! How did you manage to not laugh while videotaping? Atticus has great coordination to be able to walk on those heels so quickly!

Blogger Haley said...
He is just so cute! As for your questions...we've all been there.

Well, I can safely say that I have at least.

Blogger Croppycatter said...
that is so stinkin' cute!! Ali used to dress Caden up too because she wanted a sister. He and Colton like to paint their toenails too. He is so cute. That was precious of Em helping him out with his dress too. :)

Blogger Christina Marie said...
that was histerical I sooo love that video of Atticus he is secure in his lil' manhood for sure =)

my stampin desk is always messy too girlfriend~ i saw a stamp set once that had a message saying that if you have a clean house then you aren't stampin' or scrapbookin' =0) TGIF ~C

Blogger Missy said...
Shaun has to be SOOOOO happy with you right now!
One time my sister and I dressed Logan up as a girl and took pics and Stacy was so mad.
Oh well!

That is so cute.
I love your why's. Why's are fun.
Why why why! He he!

Blogger linda.b said...
That little boy is so cute. He is surrounded by adoring women! I can tell.

I have a question, are we supposed to be making someing for a swap at the Event? I think I missed an email.

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