Sunday, April 06, 2008
Pics and fashion
Okey dokie, artichokies...

I did a photo shoot with my friend Kari Ann, her sister Leslie, and her mom & dad. They were SO much fun to hang out with and to watch interact.

And, I might add, super photogenic!
HELLO! Are they not the cutest?!

I have more pics (um, yeah, shot 200 pics!) that I need to edit, but here's what I got so far because I know Kari is anxious to see them:

And here is my latest project that I've been wanting to share.

As many of you may know, Emerson is a bit addicted to clothes and fashion. She is constantly changing clothes.

She even makes "suggestions" to the rest of the family.

My friend Christa had an idea that I start a fashion blog for her, in the vein of "What I Wore Today" and
other such
daily fashion blogs

So without further adieu, Em's new blog:

The Little Bellwether Fashionista

(And thanks to my little sis Mallory for teaching me that new word!) ;)

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Blogger Adrienne said...
These are all great girl! I *HEART* Em's blog!!! lol

Blogger Lisa said...
Wonderful new blog - can't wait to see what she'll wear next. Great photos too!

Blogger Andy said...
love, love, love, emerson's new blog. it's great. i'll have to put it in my blog list so i can check out her fashion tips every now and then. love the pic of her looking at the camera with his sunglasses on. i so hope we have a girl one day. even if she never goes through girly stuff. love your new pic to. your hair looks so cute.

Blogger Linh Chin-Lai said...
Love it. So adorable!

Blogger gimmegodiva said...
Great pics!!! And *love*love*love* the fashionista's blog! How awesome! What a cool mom you are!! Though we already knew that!

Blogger Nicole said...
Great Pics Virginia~

Blogger Christina Marie said...
oh my goodness Em's new blog is too cute for words! just love the jean skirt and cowgirl boots =)

Blogger Paladinos9801 said...
Checked out Em's new blog . . . love it! I'm seriously going to have to start following some of her advice!

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