Wednesday, April 23, 2008
packing peanuts and lipstick messages
-packing peanuts that were scattered all over the living room floor are cleaned up. Yipee.

-so LoViNg the amazing job my sweet husband did with laying a new floor in our dining room. I keep telling him it looks like a magazine picture to me.
-still need to bleach out the bathroom and clean up this mess that my little artiste did with lipstick:(think this means "Welcome Home Mommy" in toddler speak?)

-am LOVING this candle that my secret sis (Tina Cloer) got me. Oh my, yum yum. I'm burning it so quickly that I can see I'm going to have to make a run for a new one soon!
-I started the Couch to 5k running program today at the encouragement of my friend Kim. I'm actually quite proud of myself as I am NOT a runner or active person in the least. I really want to change that. Plus, after seeing pics of myself this weekend, I'm seeing that I really need to lose this post-baby belly (and extras lbs.) I've got hanging around.

-I've got some big plans in the works for the Little Bellwether Fashionista blog... I'll let you know when they go into effect! (Hopefully next Monday, but I'm not making any promises.)

-Still working on getting my scrap area organized. I already have a HUGE BAG full of stuff that I've cleaned out (and will post on here later this week).

This is my version of the clip-it-up. Gotta keep it up high to prevent little hands from getting into it.
-This pic is TOTALLY cracking me up.

-Love the snuggles from this boy. I missed them.
-Em & I have been butting heads a lot this week. It's been a bit of a struggle. I am constantly amazed at how grown up she is (and she thinks she is!).

However, these moments make it all worth it.

At least, that's what I keep telling myself. ;)

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Blogger Adrienne said...
OH! Someone likes lipstick eh? LOL too cute. What is that that creative imaginations stuff hanging?!?!!? Me likey!

Blogger gimmegodiva said...
Love how he chunks the book when he is done with it!!!!!
So cute!! And love the lipstick--- was it yours or hers??!

Blogger Missy said...
Oh no...not you too with the running thing!
I can't handle all of these people running. I am not a runner. I like golf, or tennis, or even hiking, but running...arg!

Guess what...this month before turning 6 has been good for me and Lana. Only 3 more years and you'll be there too :)

Blogger Missy said...
Not you too with the running!
I mean I can play golf, play tennis, hike, work in the yard really well...but running...arg!
Good luck!

And guess what...Lana turns 6 in June, and while I am sure it is temporary we are in a good place right now. 3 more years girl! :)

Blogger Missy said... are going to hate me and think I am crazy. My first comment didn't go through, so I left another similar but different one and then I saw your comment moderation thing.
I promise I am not crazy.
Well, just a little bit, but not all the way.

Blogger 3QTGUYS said...
Ok, did someone say running?? 5k??

Now you are talking my language! Wanna meet up and run sometime! I am totally game!

Ok, our next 5k is May 10th at the Zoo if you wanna join us. If not, just give me a shout, and we can run!!!

Too fun! Good luck! That is a great starting program.

Blogger Haley said...
Wow, she is an artiste! Look at that lipstick!

Sweet sweet video! :-)

Blogger Katie said...
that's hilarious about the lipstick. Great Job Shaun on the floor!!!

Blogger care-in said...
I'm about to check out your links right now! Tell me how you get that lipstick out. E stuck those gel clings (intended for mirrors) on the wall and they left a stain.

LOVE your dining room and what you've done with your scrap area!

Good job with the running!

Blogger Heather said...
Oh my on the walls...too funny! And I love your space and how you did your "clip it up"! Too cute! ;)

Blogger elizbailey said...
Your scrap room looks so fun an playful! You've done such a great job organizing it!

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