Sunday, April 20, 2008
Oh yes.
So very, very tired.

Must unpack.

Here's some photos. More coming soon once some peeps email me theirs. Forgive the lack of quality in them... sometimes it's all about just trying to capture the moments. :)

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Blogger care-in said...
Very cool! Can't wait to hear more!

Blogger staceyfike said...
so cool to meet you finally!!

Blogger Andrea S. said...
Thanks for the slideshow of pics! I had a great time visiting with you this weekend. Hope you had a good trip back. I'm semi-unpacked and headed to bed...SO EXHAUSTED!

Blogger Dana said...
I love the pics. Thanks for sharing.

Blogger Katie said...
It was awesome!!! The best part was sharing it with my friends!

Blogger Katie said...
The best part was being with friends like you!!!

Blogger 3QTGUYS said...
Great pics! Yes, tired is not even a good description...........whipped, exhausted wiped out, crazy tired, major zombie!

Had so much fun with you, you are the sweetest spirit, and a true joy to be around, in all ways!!

Blogger Jenney said...
Looks like you had an awesome time!!!!

Blogger linda.b said...

I am late in sending my thanks, but I appreciate all the volunteers in group B at the event. I really enjoyed the Scrap Etc.

It was a wonderful experience and I know the volunteers put in hours and hours of work. Thank you so much.

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