Wednesday, April 09, 2008
Officer Brother Reporting for Duty
Yesterday, my little brother graduated from police academy.

It's crazy to think that the same little guy that used to pretend that sticks are guns, wore a knight's helmet around, and had a favorite GI Joe named "Crazy Legs" is now deputy sheriff!

I'm so proud of him. He won an award for the most improvement in his physical training. He takes his duties very seriously.

And I even think he likes donuts. ;)

Donovan at lunch before the graduation. He's such a cutie. I'm sure he loves me saying about him, too.

Me embarrassing him in front of his fellow officers. Actually, now that I look at it, I think I'm just embarrassing myself. ;)
Love that he's really smiling in this pic. See how our eyes disappear when we smile? heh

My bro with our grandpa

Strike a pose, dude!

Donovan and Grams
Donovan had just said one of his trademark one-liners.

Donovan, Mom, and Dad
Once we went into the graduation ceremony, I got the kids settled quietly with coloring books and markers. "Good," I think. "They seem to be entertained."

And yet, Atticus can never, ever, ever stop talking. Constant monologue with that boy. You hear the absolute quiet in the room? That's because around 150 people were all sitting there quietly at the beginning of the ceremony as they bring in the graduates and the flags.

So yeah... me and the kiddos ended up going outside for a bit. LOL

Atticus and my little sis Mallory

What a poser.I am jealous of her hair.

Finally, this pic is exceedingly precious to me.

Later dudes! Need to go work on some Event stuff!

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Blogger michelle said...
Ok, from beginning to end that was the cutest post ever. I love the verse, the pics of your CUTE brother, the video, the pics of the kids. You need an award. Bravo!!! That was adorable.

Blogger Haley said...
V, these photos are fab! Congrats to your Brother! What an awesome accomplishment!

Blogger Lisa said...
congrats to your brother!! and atticus seriously needs to be in a magazine spread - somewhere!!!

Blogger HoweverAlthough said...
OMG - Atticus the lady killer! Please!
And your bro is cute, too. (I sent you an email about our JeffCo connection - we are so IN BUSINESS if we ever go to jail).
I love the pics and I especially love the video. I can't wait to show PJ because Atticus reminds me of PJ - constant chatter...It never ends...

Blogger Melissa said...
I am so proud of your little bro!

Blogger Joyce said...
un - I really enjoyed my visit to your site - wonderful shots!

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