Thursday, April 24, 2008
my husband's blog.

He likes weird stuff.

I suppose that's why he married me.

But I digress.

Topics this week include:

Indian Toilet Instructions

Weekend at Bernie's- real life style

A priest who is floating with balloons

Koolaid as a gateway drug

and many other interesting and often strange bits of news he's stumbled upon during his countless hours surfing the net.

One of today's posts talks about a search engine that brings up results via images (screenshots of the actual website) instead of text. It's pretty cool, especially if you're really visual like I am. Check it out!

Seems like that could be pretty handy to a scrapbooker... ;)

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Blogger Haley said...
LOL That is some pretty interesting stuff! It kills me what one can find after hours of crawling the net.

Love that pic of him and Sabriel!

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