Wednesday, April 02, 2008
Hey Shorty, It's Your Birthday...
Three years in the making.

Happy birthday, my sweet Em!

We had a simple little family party tonight... just us 5. We are having a "friends & family" b'day party later this spring and doing a joint party for Em & Atticus. This was just a little something special today to mark the occasion. :)

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Blogger Jana Eubank said...
So sweet! Ya gotta love all those Strawberry Shortcake goodies! Happy Birthday, Em! :)

Blogger care-in said...
Happy Birthday Em! What a fun cake!

Blogger Lisa said...
Happy Birthday Sweet Emerson!!!

Blogger Missy said...
You have such great pics of your kids!
It seems that all the pics I see of Em lately she is wearing those Strawberry Shortcake PJ's.
I'm glad she loves them!

Happy 3rd Birthday Emmerson!
3 is my favorite will like it too.

Blogger Disney Scrapper said...
Those are some of the cutest babies. Happy Birthday Emerson.

Blogger Kim said...
Happy Birthday, Em! It was fun to play with you guys at the park yesterday. See you soon!

Blogger Adrienne said...
Awwwww Happy Birthday Em!!!!

OMG is that Atticus in the stroller? No say it aint that her baby stroller?

Blogger Nat said...
she is adorable virginia! happy birthday Emerson!

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