Friday, April 04, 2008
One more:

Why do the weather guys make it sound like it's a good thing to have tornados?

"The conditions are favorable..."

"You really need warm air all the way to the ground if you really want a tornado to touch down."

What the ??

Back into our safe place. :P
Blogger Table for 3 said...
I see you've been watching James Spann, too! LOL!

Blogger Morgan said...
You're tellin' me... we had a tornado tonight WAY too close to home (about 10 minuts of a drive, sheesh)... I'm a nervous nelly now, afraid to go to bed :(

hang tight.. I know tornadoes are scary! I grew up in Colorado and remember them quite well! Sometimes newscasters are morons... jeesh!!

Blogger Deanna said...
James Spann I take it??? He's always saying stuff like that! Glad y'all are safe!

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