Wednesday, March 19, 2008
This week has been a bit of a *test* for me... I've had three different social activities thus far, which was pretty normal for us PS (Pre-Sabriel), but since then has been a bit of a challenge for me.

I wanted to see how it would go to start doing more stuff during the week.

On top of the adding-of-more-social-activities, I took a small (and when I say small, I mean miniscule- like a couple of hours a week) job doing occasional data entry for the Hubs' work. It's definitely taken up more time, but it'll also be fun to have that extra cash for all this new CHA stuff coming in. ;)

It's all been great. Really good for my soul.

BUT... my house has suffered a wee bit.

Exhibit A: My house at 4pm today. (Note especially the kids' room and the piles of laundry).

Ya know what, though- it's okay. We survive.

Plus, it wasn't as bad as it looked.

Exhibit B: Today at 7pm (Note especially the piles of laundry. Oh well. LOL)

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Blogger Lisa said...
You always amaze me at what you can accomplish with three wee ones running about!! There are days when I don't go do one little thing because I'd have to take Cole, and he's 7 - and pretty well behaved. I'm always inspired by you creatively - but as a mom - you always blow me away. You seem to always have it all together and know exactly what's going on!!! You ROCK girlie!!

Blogger Adrienne said...
Oh I love this!!!! I should do this now since I have six kids in my house! LOL

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Looks great! I say if you can hide it and everything else looks clean and picked up, go for it!!

Blogger -C said...
that pile of dishes made me wish for a dishwasher for you ... :)

Blogger HoweverAlthough said...
Oh my. Virginia. How in the heck?
Every single day I am more convinced that God knew what He was doing when He decided I would not have children. ;)

Blogger Morgan said...
The 4pm picture looks a lot like my house right now! It's a disaster, you know it's messy but not dirty, if that makes sense. Ari's having a blast throwing things around!! It's amazing what we can accomplish during a naptime, huh!

Blogger Haley said...
Virginia! What an accomplishment!

I commend you for being brave enough to show off your mess (lord knows anyone with small children in their house has the same exact messes) and then to show off how awesomely you cleaned!

Go you! :-)

Blogger Missy said...
Why do we feel the need to post our filth for all the world to see?
You know I do the same thing!!!!

Thanks for the wonderful was grand! :)

Blogger Laura S. said...
I want to do this...although I don't think the after pictures will be done the same day lol. I am glad to see I am not the only one whose house gets out of control. I am trying to regin it in as we speak.

You are my hero!!

Blogger Michelle Lanning said...
Hehe -- I "know" where you are coming from and I would say you tidied up quite nice espcially since the kiddos seem to destroy it in no time flat!

Blogger Katie said...
My house looks worse and I have one less child than you do. I think you are SuperWoman!!!

Blogger Table for 3 said...
I love it when other people show their messes! It helps me to feel normal.

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