Thursday, March 06, 2008
Our Daily Schedule
Here's our daily schedule for those who are interested:

8am: Breakfast & Bible Verse

8:15am: Get dressed, brush teeth, morning chores

8:45am: Cartoons

9:15am: Computer games

9:45am: Activity Time (Crafts, Sorting, Lacing Cards, Tracing, Etc.)

10:15am: Story Time

10:30am: Outside Play or organized physical activity

11:15am: Lunch & Bible verse

11:30am: music

12:00noon Free Play in room

12:30pm: Craft

1:00pm: Atticus nap/Em “Peep & the Big Wide World”

1:20pm: Em nap

--After nap

Play stations (not video games- stations as in "pretend kitchen" or "blocks" or "trucks") or Outside play until 4:15pm

4:15pm: evening chores

4:30pm: Cartoons or Art time

5:00pm: dinner & Bible verse

-evening routine

Bath, cartoons/computer game, story, bedtime

We actually haven't had a day yet when we've followed it exactly. There's a lot of things in there that I just adapted from our normal routines, so it hasn't necessarily been a drastic change (such as naptimes). It seems like just getting the kids off on the right foot and doing a few structured activities each day has set the tone for the rest of the day and enabled them to do a lot more "productive" (read here as: not destroying everything in sight) play. Good stuff.


Blogger Lisa said...
I knew you'd come up with a plan!! Sounds like fun - if you ever need a sub - call me :)

Blogger Missy said...
Keep all that scheduling stuff up! I'm telling you I was hard core when mine were your age, and I can see the good effects of that now.
I need to be more hard core again!

The Bible Verses are a great thing to do. It's amazing how much kids can retain.
Good job girly!

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