Monday, March 31, 2008
Monday, Monday
Man, I can't tell you how much I hate Mondays...

back to housework, cleaning up after the weekend, trying to get back to our normal routine, etc. etc. etc.

Here are a few things that are making me happy today, since I need some of those reminders at the moment:

-Kari Ann came over to visit today
-Got a lot of creative ideas spinning around in my head
-I just won this
-My May Crop Addict kit is on its way to me
-Heard a really great sermon yesterday and it's still rolling around in my head (a huge feat for someone who has a chronic case of mommy brain)
-My brother graduates from police academy next week (dude, does anyone else automatically think of the Police Academy movies and the guy that can make all those cool sound affects when they read that?)
-Em turns three on Wednesday
-Only 16 days until the Event!
-I got some really cute & flattering jeans this weekend at Kohls.

Alright, gotta run... I need to take a shower... clean up the house some... you know, since it's 3pm and all. ;)

I'll leave y'all with another layout I made for Scrap Etc... this one is using new Heidi Swapp, some Jenni Bowlin, and Making Memories.

Later dudes!

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Blogger Adrienne said...

Blogger Andy said...
love the layout. congrats on the win. and love the pic on your hubby's blog.

Blogger Haley said...
Yay for you winning at scrapdragons! Also, I LOVE this lo, very cool!

Blogger Laura S. said...
love your glad you are amazing!!!

Blogger Christina said...
Love the layout!!! Congrats on your win over at scrapdragons!!

Blogger Missy said...
Are you going to that childless?
I must say that for all the scrapping you do, your house doesn't look like it.
That sounded bad!
What I mean is that, your scrapping stuff wasn't just laying all over the place...I was actually wondering where you worked.
Awesome stuff!

Blogger Deanna said...
Hooray for 16 days!!! It freaks me out a little too though! But Yay! I know we'll have the time of our lives! Cool LO, btw. I'd love to read ALL of the journaling--pick your brain a bit, kwim? Oh, and the pic of us is up on my blog :)

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