Friday, February 22, 2008
Small blessings....
definitely not a comprehensive list by any means, but a few things that have brightened my week:

-someone cluing me into the grocery game and scoring a Jane lip gloss, a Jane lip gloss palette/compact, a Jane eyeshadow tub, a Jane eyeshadow palatte/compact, a Jane mascara, and a Jane blush... for a total of $8.
-Friends that bring you hot chips & fresh salsa from Superior Grille
-people that create free and easy tutorials on how to create blinkies
-friends that bring you Godiva hot chocolate, pretzels, cutie pj pants for your little girl, snowmen bags for your kiddos, and diapers for your baby
-having enough time during the kids' nap today to get Sabriel's room straightened and clothing reorganized
-my sweet friends that keep me company (and sane!) all day long
-a lovely new scalloped circle punch
-Friends that bring you yummy chicken salad on a croissant from Panera Bread
-new sassy shoes (green & black plaid heels! strappy black sandals!) from my sis-in-law
-the opportunity to teach again at Scrap Etc.
-hubby taking the kids to church last Sunday and letting me enjoy some quiet in the house
-Friends that give you 6 new pairs of really cute pants that you really, seriously needed
-a desk full of new scrappin' stuff!
-the time to scrap with the March Crop Addict Kit (see more here!)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Yeah for scallop punches!! Love your stuff girl!

Blogger Morgan said...
It sounds like you had a pretty incredible week. Can I borrow your friends?? Hehe...

Blogger Lisa said...
i'm pretty sure you are shown so many small blessings because you are such a blessing to others!!! :) Sounds like a good week - we need some pictures of these heels though - I have shoe envy!! Love the layouts - you are SO inspiring!!

Anonymous debbie said...
Awesome V :)

I don't know how to make cute links and such, but I have found two sites that are even better lately (and free):

Saving $$$ is FUN FUN FUN! (especially when you can do it with someone else who is SUPER cool).

love you!

Blogger HoweverAlthough said...
Your layouts are gorgeous! I'm so inspired by your work...and love your journaling. Your children are going to have such amazing books of memories one day. It seriously just touches my soul. SO SWEET! And I've been looking for that scallop punch...well, not too hard or I would have found it already, but I'm glad you linked me. I need to order one. My fave page is the "Little Sis" one. And your hubby is a cutie like you! BTW, I got a FABULOUS box in the mail today from my Secret Sis. It so rocks! More on that later.

Blogger Adrienne said...
Just fab V! Now I wanna scrap!

Blogger Heather said...
Such lovely stuff as always! ;)

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