Monday, February 04, 2008
I have the best husband
in the world.

This morning he surprised me with tickets to go see them

(listen here)

AND lined up babysitters to watch all three children.


A real grown up night with my husband, good music, and friends. Wowza.

I cannot wait.

I love you, babe. (And not just because you did this, but you know... bonus.) ;)
That is awesome! I hope you guys a wonderful time. :)

Blogger HoweverAlthough said...
Excellent! I was just thinking this morning about that show and how I would love to go...Garrison Starr is opening. I was thinking, "Remind me again why we moved an hour away..."
I love shows at Workplay. I hope you have a great time! You deserve it. Woo Hoo, DATE NIGHT!

Blogger Scrapdragons said...
that is just too cool.
Hope you are having a great time!


Blogger Adrienne said...
OH HOW sWEET! I hope you have a fab time!!!

Blogger Aunt Marnie said...
Well gosh-beans, that is just fantastic!

Have fuuuuuuUUUnnn

Blogger Michon said...
OMGosh!! I am soooo jealous!
And I am sooooo buying that CD for my dh for Valentines if I can find it here. He will love this! It is soooo Norah Jones meets the Jazz band of the 20s. Thanks for the intro!

Blogger Abbey said...
Yeah, he's pretty much amazing for that!!

Blogger 3QTGUYS said...
I love it when they remind us why we love them so much!

Y'all have fun! What a great much-needed little getaway!!!

Blogger Morgan said...
I'm so glad you had a night out, jealous, but glad ;) I guess you needed it 3x more than me though, hehe! Can't wait to see the pics!!! YAY!

Blogger michelle said...
He is so great! YAY! It was such a good concert!

Anonymous Linh said...
Wow, what a great surprise!

Also, thanks for introducing me to this group. I love their songs! Unfortunately, we'll be out of town, otherwise I would go see them at Workplay.

Blogger Heather said...
Oh what a great guy you have there! And we LOVE Over the Rhine and just went to see them a couple of months ago when they were here! Have so much fun! You'll have to let me know if Rosie Thomas opens for them..she was SO good and I feel in love with her music too! Have a great time!

Blogger Paladinos9801 said...
Nice! Did you have fun?

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