Monday, February 11, 2008
alive but busy
I'm sorry I haven't been good at posting much this month, life has been super busy lately. Here's some recaps!

-the Over the Rhine concert was INCREDIBLE. I can't even listen to the cds the same way again; the live versions were so full of life, that listening to it on a cd just sounds weird to me. Not that it's stopping me much. ;) Karin's voice pierces my soul. This way one of my all time favorite shows to ever go to. Sultry and passionate and soil piercing and jaunty (yes, I just said jaunty) and full of life.

Thank you, hubs, for taking me. I loved it.
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(Thanks to Kim for the photos... I'm a complete doofus and I left my battery in my charger at home!)

-Sabriel started smiling this week. She doesn't do it a whole lot, but she's still trying to coordinate those muscles I think.

-I spent a few days at my Grams' house last week. It was good timing for all of us... while I was there, she found out that her brother had passed away, so I think it helped having the little kids around to cheer her up. As a matter of fact, Sabriel gave her first real smile to Grams.

-I enjoyed getting to spend time with my fam... it was fun and relaxing.

-My Grams has a Quickutz Silhouette. Man, I love playing with that.

-I've been doing a lot of scrapbooking lately. Here's a few of the layouts I've done recently.

This one is a lift of Jen's from Crop Addict. Man, she rocks.

-I'm trying to work on a class for Scrap Etc. I need to get my butt in gear on that. I have the products and an idea, I just need to put it all together. Here's a peek at the products I'm using:

-The kids enjoyed playing in the woods at my Grams' house. It's weird- the woods seemed so much bigger when we were kids. I had fun joking around with my cousins, Shawn and Andrew, about some of our old memories of the woods and popcorn picnics. :)

-Gotta do my taxes soon. Bleh. But you know- the return and all is nice.

-I think there's more, but Em's asking to watch Peep and the Big Wide World. Gotta run!
Blogger michelle said...
love it. love it. all of it. love it. your hair, layouts, pictures, it.

oh and I talk in 'brieves.

Blogger Adrienne said...
Great stuff girl!!!! I am loving my Silhouette too. LOVE IT LOL

Blogger Jenney said...
LOVE all those layouts, girl! You always inspired me to go create. Can you send some energy my way, too? =)

Blogger Haley said...
Glad you enjoyed the concert! The layouts looks great and the pics of your kids are precious as always!

Blogger HoweverAlthough said...
Hey! I've been missing you. And is it me or is Atticus taller? Still a cutie pie. And I love that picture of Sabriel and your sweet! Your layouts are beautiful as always. You inspire me. And I'm so glad you enjoyed the concert. Keep posting...I worry about you when you don't. ;)

Blogger Jana Eubank said...
Awesome layouts, Virginia! Love every single last one of them! ;)

Blogger Abbey said...
I love that picture of your Grams especially holding Sabriel!

Blogger Lisa said...
Love all the pictures and layouts - can't wait to see what your class is going to be - looks wonderful, as always. Glad the concert was good, too!!

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