Saturday, January 19, 2008
Snow Day
The Hubs was chastising me for not updating in so long, but unfortunately, I don't have tons to say. Not in an overwhelmed sort of not having anything to say- just that life is its normal, chaotic, but routine, self...

We made two doctor's visits this week, one for Em to get Dermabond (instead of stitches) because she bumped her noggin. The girl seems like she's got my grace and coordination, poor thing. The other visit was for Sabriel's one month (!!!!!) check-up and Atticus' 18 month check-up, even though he's 20 months. They are both super healthy. Yay!

Today we played in our mini snow-storm. Emerson kept asking where Santa Claus was. She also was very surprised every time we walked to another part of our yard and there was MORE snow. Hee hee

Atticus HATED getting his hands wet and cold, so the second that happened (after about 10 minutes outside), he melted down (hehe) and went back inside.

Mainly, I'm just glad for the photo opportunity because heaven knows I don't get enough cute pics of my kids as it is. (tongue in cheek, y'all!)

Here are my layouts for the February Kit at Crop Addict. You must check it out! There is SO much stinkin' stuff in these kits. I've done 5 layouts and 2 projects (I still have to take pics of those) and I still have loads of stuff leftover. I loved that this month's kit had such a variety of colors that I could do some really girly ayouts for Sabriel and Em, but also be able to do some more "manly" stuff (hehe) for Atticus. Here are a couple of other layouts that I did- one for Scrap Etc. and one just for the heck of it!
Okay, well, I'm done with the computer for the day... time to curl up with the babies and do some snuggling. :) Stay warm, folks!

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Blogger Adrienne said...
Great, great, great LO's! I am LOVING the little piggies :-)

Blogger care-in said...
Great job Virge!

Blogger Kim said...
My boys looked at the pictures of the kids with me and Corin kept saying "ah, look there's Emerson", or "Cute Atticus!" It's cool that our kids are growing up together.

Blogger Morgan said...
I love the pic of Atticus looking out the window, so precious! We didn't get enough snow to go outside, bummer. Your layouts are gorgeous as always, you rock!

Blogger 3QTGUYS said...
Very cool Layouts, V!

I am so impressed that you can find time to s'book with 3 kids.

What in the heck is my excuse??

Blogger Lisa said...
I'm always in AWE of you girl! I have one child, in school - and I've only done one layout THIS YEAR. You've been so busy and act like it's nothing!! I've missed seeing you too and can't wait to see that sweet baby. Love the layouts!!!

Blogger Mandy said...
OK...I'm trying not to focus on the fact that you are a mom of 3 and somehow find time to do FABULOUS art while i am a mom of ZERO (unless you count 2 dogs) and have accomplished very little art lately...because then I would be complaining about myself instead of giving you the praise you deserve. You are amazing, talented and creative. And it doesn't hurt that your children are such beautiful subjects. I could just eat Atticus...he looks like a gingerbread cookie...I could pick him up and take a chunk out of him! But, I won't, so don't worry about bringing him around me. I LOVE LOVE LOVE all of your layouts...and now I have to go check out the Crop Addict I need another thing to NOT DO.

Blogger Haley said...
As always, your layouts are gorgeous, I have chosen to try and work up to making layouts that look as good as yours do! :-)

Blogger Jenney said...
Cute pics and cute layouts!!!

Can I steal some of your energy? Please? =)

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