Monday, January 07, 2008
Can a girl get a freakin' break around here?!
1. Give birth
2. Get stomach virus
3. Get really gross cold that leaves you hacking and coughing to the point of getting headaches.


I'll be back soon when I can gather a few more coherent thoughts together.
Blogger Katie said...
ughhhhhh :(
Sorry to hear that. I hope Sabriel is well?
K :)

Blogger Lisa said...
Aw, bless your heart, and your stomach, and your lungs - goodness!! Hope you are better soon.

Blogger Adrienne said...
Awww, feel better girlie!!!!! If you need anything you know you can call me.

Blogger Amy said...
oh i hope you get better soon !

Blogger Morgan said...
Aw, that's horrible. I hope you feel better soon, it's no fun to have the yuckies and babies (to take care of) at the same time. Big hugs!!!

Blogger Christa said...
Guess that means I'm not getting my meal anytime soon.

Feel better, dude. :)

Blogger Kristin said...
Congrats...on your birth!! Great blog...

Blogger Mandy said...
I miss you. Feel better soon.

Blogger Melissa said...
I'm so sorry things are yucky! Can I help in any way? Call me.

Blogger Katie said...
Poor baby!! Hope you are up and kicking again soon!

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