Wednesday, December 05, 2007
Weird pregnancy quirks and Christmas Countdown Calendar
Those who have been around me recently may have noticed my obsessive compulsive tendencies about smell. It's not the usual, beginning of pregnancy thing where everything smells disgusting (although I have most definitely experienced that).

This is one where everything smells SO good. Like, good enough to eat.

I've noticed that it's started to invade my life a little bit.

For example, I'm now OCD about using this:
ALL the time. Now, it's got good side affects, such as it seems to have helped me stay fairly healthy, but it also leaves my hands pretty dry. (I pulled out some old Mary Kay hand cream that I have last night and it seems to be doing the trick... so multiple times a day I'm compulsively squirting hand sanitizer on my hands and then rubbing Mary Kay hand cream on them. And then smelling my hands.)

Along the whole hand cleansing thing (which is purely about the smell of things, it's not really at all related to keeping clean, which is strange to me), I've been LOVING this:I love it so much that I went ahead and bought the dishwashing soap in the same scent. I figure- heck, I don't have a dishwasher. Might as well enjoy the task, eh? (I'm usually a cheapskate when it comes to cleaning products.)

While I'm in the cleaning mode, I love to squirt this stuff all over my house:

I put some in a squirting bottle and diluted it with water, and every morning I "swish and swipe" my bathroom (you old Flylady veterans might be familiar with that term) with it. It honestly is a "clean" thing with this particular product. With only one bathroom and a potty trained two year old, my ol' pregnant nose is particularly sensitive to the gross smells that can emanate from that room. The Clorox Floor & Surface cleaner smells sooooo good. Nice and clean. I wish I could drink it.

I use it in my kitchen, dining room, and non-wood floors. :) It makes my nose happy. I highly recommend it.

I've been using a Glade Plug-in, in the Clean Linen scent, which rocks my world. My husband is very sick of it, I think. So I try to mix things up by using this candle:
And also this one, which is a Christmas tradition in my house now since Monique introduced it to me about 2 years ago. So there you have it, folks. You know now that I am:

-extremely neurotic about smells
-wish I could eat some of them (but I don't)
-probably making everyone who comes into my house gag at the strong aromas
-and am a little bit photo happy today

And since I'm in the photo happy mode, check out my Christmas Countdown Calendar that I made out of a cookie sheet from the Dollar Tree (Mandy, it's my favorite place too). Only 21 days to go! Gulp!

(Click to see larger images. Also, "Click! Take a pic!" ... we've been watching a lot of "Dora" and "Diego" lately...)

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Blogger michelle said...
laughed hard when you said you wished you could drink the clorox clean up. lol. You are cracking me up girl.

Blogger Lisa said...
It sounds like you are in nesting mode full fledged!!! Seriously!! I cannot, however, stand the Clorox smell - so I'll just leave more at the store for you! And the Method stuff is fabUlous and if you see the one with 'snow' in the name - smell it!! You'll love it. I can't remember the exact name, something pepperminty or vanilla and snow.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
You should try the orange germ-x but it might interfere with your lotion! You and X should get together and see who can quote the most Dora and Diego!

Blogger Adrienne said...
LOL girl you are a mess!!! LOL

Blogger Morgan said...
Such a pretty calendar, love the Love, Elsie!

Method cleaning products are the only ones I use (with the exception of Clorox, of course)! They are a green company which makes me feel better too! The Sweetwater is the bestest IMO!!!

Blogger Mandy said...
I LOVE your calendar! So CUTE!
And it sounds like you are nesting, but what do I know? I didn't nest before I had my last puppy.

Blogger Jana Eubank said...
LOVE your countdown calendar! Now the one I'm working on doesn't look so hot. Hmmmm. :) I bet the cleaning product aisle is loving you! LOL! Now you've got me wanting to try some of those products I've never used before! :)

Blogger Missy said...
Yeah, I totally LOL when you said Click...take a pic!
So funny!
I understand wanting to drink clorox. Do you remember that I wanted to eat carpet when I was pregnant?
Pregnancy does strange things to us poor mammas.
At least you are clean! Maybe your baby will come out with an obsession for cleaning. Wouldn't that be a true Christmas miracle?!

Blogger Dollar General said...
I would love to drink the "smell" of Pinesol lemon cleaner. YUM.

When my mom was pregnant she wanted to eat dirt. We heard that was from and iron deficiency. Nothing major - just a little low that day I assume.

I also LOVE your Christmas countdown - you make it look and sound so easy - but I will not be fooled. I'll just buy one from you! HA!

Hang in there! I'm excited for you and your family. Can't wait till you put that camera on Sabriel.

Blogger Katie said...
Since we are revealing things about our cleaning habits, I must say that i LOVE to clean house. It makes me feel so good, seriously!
So, I will be trying some of these products I have never tried before. I am all about pouring cleaner all over my child and dog-hair covered floors :)

Blogger Marsha said...
Love the calendar! My nose is always sensitive to smell. It seems I smell even when others aren't smelling something. I guess I have an over active sniffer. Love the FlyLady trick!

Blogger gimmegodiva said...
I love you Virginia!!!! So funny!!!!! I love the bleach smell, too, but I must say I have never even thought of how it would taste. See my blog on what can happen when you don't like a scent..... what a day!!!
LOVE your countdown!! So cute! How do you keep it 1 piece with all those little hands around?? Kudos to you!!!

Blogger bruinbr said...
ehhehe! love that you want to eat some of those supplies! :P

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