Monday, December 10, 2007
Quick update.
Doc says I'm not dilated any further than last week (1.5 cm). :(

"Hang in there!" he says. (*insert eyes rolling here* What else am I supposed to do?!)

I will be induced a week prior to my due date if I don't deliver Sabriel before then.

The nurses all gave me hugs today and said, "We probably won't see you for six weeks! This looks like your last appointment!" One also looked very shocked at how low I was and said, "Girl, you have DROPPED!"

Let's hope the nurses are right and I don't have to "hang in there" much longer.

Later, dudes.
Blogger Adrienne said...
Girl how about this for frustrating.... I was 3cm and 30% effaced....this was on a FRIDAY, THEY SENT ME HOME!!!!!! HUH?!? YES HOME! LOL, my DR called me Monday morning and asked me how my weekend was....ummm, do you REALLY want to know!??!?! He told me to come on in. I said for what, he said to be delivered. I said matter of factly...HOW DO I KNOW YOU AREN'T GOING TO SEND ME HOME LOL. He told me he when I left the hospital it would be with my son. Four hours later, had AJ! LOL So hang in there sweetie! :-)

Blogger Jennifer said...
Praying this time flies by! I can't wait to hear when you're through "hanging in there" and she's arrived! :-)

Blogger Lisa said...
OH you are getting so close!! I can't believe it. It seems like it was just a few months ago you told us the good news - I know it only feels like that to us - not you!!! Hang in there, the wait is so worth it - as you know!!

Blogger Nicole said...
Hang in there sweetie! Before you know it she will be here!

Blogger bruinbr said...
hoping things start moving along ;P hang in there!

Blogger Katie said...
Yes, the very end is the hardest part. Walking and spicy foods is the way to go. I dont' know if it helps, but it makes you feel like you are doing something : ) Let us know when Sabriel arrives!!!

Blogger Katie said...
Ooooohhhh ...
Very Excited for you V!!!!
I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.
K :)

Blogger Missy said...
Don't hang in there. Pitch a fit and pout about the whole thing.

Sorry, just thought I would be contrary!

Blogger MsGrace said...
hoping things move along for you. I remember how anxious I was waiting for each of my babies to arrive.

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