Wednesday, December 12, 2007
Nothin' at all, nothin' at all.
Thus far, that is all I can say about the labor progressions. I have the occasional painful contraction, but nothing regular.

I feel like in the last week or so, my body is very, very worn out. I get tired doing very simple tasks. Today was my most productive day in a long time- I did a load of laundry, re-hung a strand of Christmas lights in the living room (the other ones conveniently had blown out after they had been hung), and hung a set of curtains in the dining room.

Oh, and I bathed. That's always a bonus.

I feel like a turtle, in so many ways: slow, can't roll over if I get set on my back, sometimes look a bit green...


In other news, for too long a time to even write down, we have not had a light in our dining room. It's one of the joys of owning an older home... weird wiring and all that. So for this period of a *long time*, we've been using a floor lamp in there as lighting.

However, due to the ever extraordinary super-powers of Miscellaneous Man (who is secretly my friend Jeremy) and the logical skills of my own personal super hero (my husband), we now have a working light fixture in our dining room.

Just in time for our first Christmas dinner at home.

I am SO excited.

(Em is thrilled too- she said this morning, "Daddy Jeremy niiiice turn on light!" hehe)


Speaking of Miscellaneous Man, he also came over the last two days and helped me (read here as "did all the work") clean the house. Now my floors that have not been mopped in several months are all sparkly, the dust bunnies have been shooed away, and my whole house smells nice and clean.

Friends. They're a good thing.


Gotta go get the munchkins in pjs and settle down for a nice winter's nap.

Blogger Adrienne said...
Sounds like nesting to me!!!! LOL wanna be annoyed?? My mom used to tell me,"YOU ARE ONE DAY CLOSER TODAY THAN YOU WERE YESTERDAY". SHE SAID THIS EVERYDAY UNTIL I HAD AJ! LOL.

Blogger Lisa said...
Nesting for sure!!! Isn't a clean house wonderful?? I think I would like that for Christmas, along with a hundred other things, but a clean place would be great - if I didn't have to clean it :)

Anonymous Linh said...
Wow! That's a really good friend!

Blogger Mandy said...
Christmas dinner? How are you going to serve Christmas dinner if you are in Labor and Delivery???

Blogger Dollar General said...
Hey WOW, we have no light in our dining room either - same reason. One day it just didn't connect anymore and lights never came on! Old house too! I'm too scared to let Jason do any sort of electrical work, considering he got shocked the other day just plugging in the dryer!

Praying that Sabriel makes her grand entrance soon! I can't wait to see just how cute she is!!

Blogger bruinbr said...
it's so wonderful to have super heroes in our lives :) hang in there!

Blogger said...
But you're a cute turtle :) Sounds like Jeremy is getting one big Christmas gift. :)

Blogger Morgan said...
Yay for the light, we have a few that we need to add too (which is very strange in a three year old house?)

I'd love to see a pic!

Blogger Abbey said...
Yay for DR lighting! Seems to be a trend. We had a handy man of our own show up one LONG day and fix ours too. Except this guy was named Nick and he didn't do any mopping. But close enough. Yay for you!! (And them!)

And btw...loved the thought of investing in some goggles for Sabriel from the other post. That makeths me laugh. You could make them so very cute too with all your scrappy stuff.

Oh... poor thing! Get some rest! You certainly deserve it!!!
Wow when you're done with Jeremy, send him my way! I need LOTS of help over here! LOL!!!

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