Saturday, December 29, 2007
January Crop Addict Projects
Every month I tell Debbie at Crop Addict, "THIS month is my favorite kit!" I'm sure she doesn't believe me anymore. ;)

Well, I have to tell you- the January Kit really has been my favorite kit to work with so far... man, the colors were so awesome, and I loved the glitterinesss (yes, that's a word) of everything.

Here's the projects I came up with from this month's kit... and just in case you were wondering, I did all of this before Sabriel was born. I'm not superwoman, ya know. Hee hee

I didn't get to post this one to the gallery yet, but this was a gift for my mom. She's really into studying the Jewish culture and had wanted a journal made with these themes.

I also made a few cards:

And then these were for a manufacturer challenge (for Piggy Tales' "Ba, Ba, Black Sheep" collection):

These are not related to any design team work, but I was afraid to post them before the recipients saw them. I helped a girl at our church make these for her friends- the clock is a Heidi Swapp clock with a quote from "Wicked" on it and photos of her and her best friend (they've been friends since they were infants- they were born 2 days apart!). The second is a frame for her friend who attends school at the University of Alabama. I thought the little elephant turned out pretty darn cute. :)

(Sorry the pics are so discolored- I took them at night and that was the only chance I had to take them.)

I forgot to take pics of some of my other handmade gifts, and I'm kicking myself for it. Oh well. Poopy!

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Blogger Morgan said...
You are seriously my idol! You rocked the Jan. kit, I'm planning on lifting a few just so you know. You'll get full credit, I promise! The Jewish journal is amazing, the colors in the kit were pretty perfect for it!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
You should have just made us believe that Sabriel is a perfect sleeper and you are superwoman!! I love the scallops on your cards *wink* I really need to use my HS stamps. The Lambie lo is my favorite!!

Blogger Adrienne said...
Great stuff girlie!!!!!!

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