Thursday, December 06, 2007
It's off! :)
Em's cast, that is.

Everything is nicely healed. Woohoo!

Beforehand, while we were waiting the long afternoon away until the doctor's appt., Atticus took a nap and Em & I made one of those button trees.

She was surprisingly good with it, considering it was a craft that included straight pins and buttons. (Those who are panicking when they read that- she was extremely closely supervised.) I think it turned out pretty cute.

She was really pleased with it as well.

I must go pack my hospital bags. I'm continuing to procrastinate this task. I think it's because that I think, deep down, that once they are packed, Sabriel can go ahead and be born...
and that scares me.
It's out of my control.
I have WAY more things I want to do before she's born.
Like, a bunch of different Christmas things.
Finish prepping for her (just tiny little tasks, here and there, that still need to be done.)

Have I mentioned I've been having contractions all evening?

Now it's just a waiting game.
Blogger Morgan said...
Super cute tree, I'm gonna make one too!

Good luck, hoping those contractions turn in to something and you can bring little Sabriel home!!!

Blogger Missy said...
OOH Contractions all evening long?
I hope they either end and you get some good sleep or they continue and you get a baby!
Either way, Christmas will still come and all the Who's down in Whoville will still sing!

Blogger Adrienne said...
PLEASE GO PACK!!!!! The tree is super cute!!!! PLEASE CALL ME when you are on your way to the hospital...or have hubby call me ;-)

Blogger Lisa said...
super cute tree!! love it - i wish i'd made one too! glad the cast is off, makes things easier i'm sure. now GO PACK!!! :)

Blogger Mandy said...
Cute tree!!! And congrats to Em on cast removal. I'm glad that didn't last too long. I think having a baby at Christmas time is so sweet! Of course I realize it's way busy, but such a beautiful way to celebrate. Keep me posted!

Anonymous Gina said...
Soo...I have to say I'm a little jealous about the contractions. I've been reading your blog for a while and love it! I have a 16 month old and my new little one is due in 26 days. Not too much longer...

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