Friday, December 07, 2007
Em's Christmas Crafts
Just a silly little video of Em yesterday, doing her crafts. Transcript below (for those of you who don't speak 2 year old. hehe)

*gibberish... or rather, Em language*

"Mama takin' a picture of the butts. [buttons]"

"Did it! *more language I don't understand* Iiiiii did it!"

Mine & the kids' bags are packed, except for a couple of little things I need to pick up at Walmart. Maybe this little girl will make her way here soon! :) Woohoo!
Blogger Adrienne said...
hahahah too cute. Have you packed your bag yet?

Blogger Nicole said...
That is too stinkin cute! Can she make me a tree too! LOL

Blogger Morgan said...

Blogger Deanna said...
aww, that's just too precious! love the way your button tree is looking too!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
ROFL That Em just cracks me up. I'm thinking she said, "Did it! Give me five, baby."

Anonymous debbie said...
oops that anony was me. Can't figure out why my name didn't pop up. Debbie from crop addict

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