Wednesday, December 26, 2007
The details...
I've been a major slacker in the internet department lately... but I suppose y'all will let me slide a bit on that, right? ;)

I wanted to do a quick update just to let all those who were curious know about the details of labor and delivery (especially since I'd been whining non-stop about waiting for her to arrive!).

Monday afternoon I had an appointment with my doctor, and although I had to wait for a bazillion years, wrapped up in one of those lovely paper blankets while he helped another patient deliver her baby, it was worth it.

He told me that the earliest they could schedule an induction would be Friday (the 21st), but he ended up doing something to get labor started (I won't go into the gross details here), and said that no matter the degree of discomfort I had that afternoon, I could go ahead and call him and come in that evening. (I was already dilated to 3 cm. too- woohoo.) I could go ahead and be induced if I was having any contractions at all; and he said that he would expect to hear from me before 8pm.

I dig my doc. Hehe

So - as soon as I got in the car I started having contractions. I went and picked up the kiddos and my babysitter from the mall and started making phone calls to make arrangements for the kids. It kind of took us all off guard (as you can imagine!). By the time we got home I was having regular contractions, but none of them were particularly painful- just a bit uncomfortable.

Shaun got home and we finished up some stuff around the house, loaded up our luggage, and waited for my grams, my sis, and my cousin Shawn (who came through in a major pinch to help with the driving- rock on, little cuz!). :) My Shaun was getting antsy to leave for the hospital, but I told him I needed to wait and call the doc to make sure it was okay for me to come in. I started to time my contractions about 10 minutes before my grams arrived... and they were surprisingly already 3-5 minutes apart!

I called labor and delivery and the nurse said, "Um, you need to come in - now." About that time, Grams rolls up in the driveway and we literally follow them out of the neighborhood... they head off to her home and we head to the hospital. It was around 5 pm on Monday evening.

I prayed the whole way to the hospital that we wouldn't run into any traffic- I was scared that even though I wasn't feeling the contractions too much at this point, that once we got to the hospital I'd be freaking out in pain. We hit absolutely NO traffic, even though we were on all the major interstates and roadways in Birmingham at rush hour, the week before Christmas. :)

I got settled in by 6pm in a bed, got the ol' epidural by around 6:45, and a little pitocin to get things moving along. Sabriel did not like the contractions, so I kept having to be adjusted to my side and had to wear an oxygen mask, which was a little awkward. I also had a small prob with my epidural (it got pushed into a blood vessel for a little bit- scared the crap out of me! It was all okay, though- the people there at the hospital totally were on their game).

Once I was fully ready to push, I pushed 3 times and the nurse was calling for my doctor to get in there right away. She was holding Sabriel's head in... once the doc was in there and ready, she moved her hand and Sabriel pushed herself out. It was the most amazing and easy delivery. She was born at 9:32pm.

She has been the easiest baby ever... she sleeps all the time, doesn't fuss hardly at all (I've only heard her REALLY cry a couple of times), and eats really well. It's been great because, as you can imagine, learning to juggle three kids is definitely a challenge. I've been so thankful to Shaun and my little sis for all the help they are giving. I'm scared for when Shaun goes back to work and I'm left alone with the natives.

Big sis really digs her; big bro is kind of ignoring her for the most part- I have some cute videos of the sibling's reactions that I'll upload soon.

So that's the big story... :) I'll be back soon with some projects for the January Crop Addict kit and some of my handmade Christmas gifts.

Merry Christmas!
Blogger 3QTGUYS said...
Lovely, just lovely!

I know it is overwhelming, but I know you are soaking up every second!

I'll be glad to come help "hold the baby" when Shaun goes back to work!

I love a sweet baby!!! Just give me a shout.

Blogger Lisa said...
aw what a sweet baby!! she's a doll - seriously looks like a doll!! Glad you were all at home in time for Christmas!! What a precious gift!!

Blogger Marsha said...
Wow! Fast and easy. Can't ask for anything better. Third babies are usually pretty laid back. Hopefully she'll stay that way for her.
I love the wall charger Missy made for me...she copied you and your trays. Thanks for inspiring her!
Enjoy your baby!

Blogger Adrienne said...
Awww, awesome! She was just like Aj! LOL hey Sabriel!!! Auntie Adrienne thinks you are adorable!! Oh and don't be scared. It's not hard at all. It will take a little adjusting but you will be a pro in no time. Love ya girl!

Blogger Missy said...
Yeah for easy labors!
The picture of Em holding baby is soo cute. You have beautiful kidos girl.

I am planning on bringing you a casserole Friday or Saturday.
Please email me your phone # and directions. :)

Blogger said...
So awesome V! She's so adorable. Wowza, hmm with that quick labor, will number 4 will be following shortly? (wink)

Blogger Morgan said...
What an awesome story! So glad she was easy for you, it's exactly what you needed. I hope you had a terrific Christmas with your entire family, you're a champ for sure! ((hugs))

Blogger Katie said...
How beautiful!!! Glad your labor went well. I am so glad she is a good baby. I have heard those exist, but I've never had one in my house :D Call me if you need any help.

Blogger Jenney said...
She is adorable!! I'm so glad she's an easy baby for you!

Blogger Mandy said...
Put me on the list of available baby holders! She is beautiful...just like those other two - beautiful.
I've been thinking about you and praying for you and your sweet family.
Hugs to you all!

Blogger Nicole said...
She is just so beautiful! Love getting a little baby fix! Your delivery sounds a lot like my last one. Quick and easy. The best kind LOL.

Blogger Sophia said...
Aah, looks like you an dI have both been given little angels, my daughter Chloe who is almost 6 weeks, is such an angel too...I have been following yr blog keeping update on your baba. Are they cute or what...enjoy!

Blogger bruinbr said...
adorable! glad to hear that you had such an easy delivery! :) CONGRATS!

Blogger Heather said...
YEAH! I am just coming back to the blogging world and glad to hear that you had the baby and all was well. I am jealous! I do not know exactly how much longer I have. According to my last appointment (in October) it was going to be Feb. 17th. But I don't think there is anyway I am goign to last that long. I am already HUGE!

Enjoy those little angels! Three little ones are hard, but it is great to get it all over with at about the same time...

Blogger Sarah said...
ooooh! congratulations to all of you! Another completely adorable T baby! I'm so thrilled for you, and so glad it was an easy delivery!

Anonymous Christine Ousley said...
Congrats Virginia. She is so beautiful. I'm so glad you had a easy delivery and that she has been an easy baby. All your work is beautiful as always. Love your banner on your blog too. I'd love to see you sometime.

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