Tuesday, December 04, 2007
Bebe` update, random pics, and links.
I went to the doctor yesterday for my ever-so-looked-forward to (tongue in cheek!) OB check up which included the dreaded strep test. Blech. But it's gotta be done... all for the safety of mama and baby.

When the doc checked me, he said I was already 1.5 centimeters dilated, which is a woohoo! However, I'm not getting my hopes up because I was 3 centimeters dilated for a week or two with both Em & Atticus, and I was induced with both of them, so - whatever...

I do plan to finally pack my hospital bag today. Must make a run to Walmart at some point to bring along our traditional bag of Combos. For some reason, this is the snack of choice that Shaun & I always want while we're chilling out in the hospital, watching Food Network. (Maybe it's the juxtaposition between pure junk food while watching culinary delights...)

I would love for her to arrive before Christmas, because the anticipation of a baby is just about killing me, but we'll see what happens. :)

Here's a few pics from yesterday (we went to Books-a-million for a little treat).

This is me getting onto my kids in the car. My sis took it. The reason why I am sharing it is so you can see some cool jewelry my secret sis got me a while back. I also like the "don't you mess with me" expression on my face. I love it (the jewelry, not necessarily the expression). :)

Here's some links, just for fun:

What I Wore Today
This is just a sample of a subculture in the blogosphere that posts their fashion choices for the day. I really like Kasmira's blog, 1) because she's funny and 2) because I love how she mixes and matches pieces of clothing and colors.

Home-Ec 101

Every day you get a few posts regarding household cleaning tips, management, q&a sessions, recipes, etc. Lots of good, practical info on there.

Toddled Dredge
I really, really enjoy reading her blog daily. She's an i
ntellectual, stay at home mom, who is also pretty good at articulating her faith in a reasonable way... and she's got a pretty good perspective on things. Plus she's got three kids who are itty-bitty, so I can totally relate. ;)

Inside a Black Apple
Cool, artsy designs from a "well-known" etsy shoppe.

House Wren Studio
Oh man. Her vintage style makes me drool.

Here's a few pics from a quick "photo session" I did with the kids after church on Sunday. It is REALLY hard to get toddlers to stay still for those couple of seconds you need for a good pic.

Blogger Adrienne said...
Too cute!

Anonymous Heather said...
Thank you so much for the link love. I have a 3 month old and wandered around dilated forever. The day she was born I went in for a check up and they said I was at 6!

May yours go as smoothly.

Merry Christmas from Home Ec 101

you seriously have the cutest kids i've ever seen! and emerson's hair--oh my gosh--I'm jealous! congrats on being dilated--I know that makes a pregnant lady very happy :) miss you guys & praying for you in the coming weeks!!

Blogger gimmegodiva said...
cute pics! cute kids! And interesting links!!!! I will have to go back and visit them again!

Blogger Missy said...
Love the necklace and the look!!!
That shirt Atticus is wearing looks very familiar.
I must see you soon....I came across PJS I can give to Em as well. They have a princess or sparkle of course!

Blogger Lisa said...
cute kids, cute necklace, and even the 'don't mess with me' look is, well, cute!! I can't wait for your little bundle to arrive!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
That necklace is so you! Thanks for all the links too! You are getting so close...how exciting!

Blogger Morgan said...
Gorgeous, gorgeous babies! So close now, I remember being dilated to 4 for 2 weeks before I was induced (but still 3 weeks early) so keeping my crossables crossed for you!!!

Blogger Kasmira said...
Thanks for the shout out! I'm glad you enjoy my blog.


Blogger Veronica Mitchell said...
Thanks for the kind words and the link.

And the kids - oh, the cuteness!

Blogger Andy said...
love the pic and i'm going to check out some of those blogs later. thanks

Blogger michelle said...
I can't handle the cuteness. that's cool that kasmira commented...awesome.

Blogger Mandy said...
Leave it to you to have the best links EVAH.
And the cutest kids EVAH.
Dig your necklace!
And I guess I didn't realize she would be here so soon. MAN!

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