Friday, November 30, 2007
Thank you
for your kind words, for your support, for making me feel like I am not alone. :)

I think I must need to write about the crazy stuff more often, because as a result of it I now had a few hours to myself today and a scheduled day with a break in it in the near future.

I appreciate it, guys. More than you know. Thank you so much for all the kind offers and emails and sweet words. It helps me cope.

And one of my best friends in the whole world sent this to me to make me giggle. The humor is weird, but right up my alley, and totally made me laugh this morning.

So on that note, the kids are napping, and I'm going to enjoy the quiet. Spaghett!
Blogger Lisa said...
Well here's to spaghetti! Glad you got the break you needed, with another one coming soon!! That's fantastic! You deserve it!

Blogger Adrienne said...
ahahahaha, glad you are better girl!

Blogger Mandy said...
I'm glad to know you are feeling better. You are a wonderful mommy!

Blogger Kim said...
weird, weird, weird. I like when you post crazy.

Blogger Marsha said...
I'm glad you had a better day, but that Spaghett is a fry short of a happy meal!

Blogger Missy said...
Wow...I had to catch up!
Glad you got a break :)

Blogger Morgan said...
SO funny! Here's to another great day tomorrow!!

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