Tuesday, November 13, 2007
Ta-daaaaaaaa! :)
Ok, finally got to make a few changes around here! Yay! I'm happy to have things looking just a bit new and spiffy... I could probably fiddle with it a lot more, but I'm leaving it as is.

Before anyone asks, I'll go ahead and volunteer some info on how I did things:

To do my banner, I downloaded a WAY cool (and easy to use) program from Shutterfly that Linh from Scrap Etc. recommended. It's called Shutterfly Studio, and you can download it here for free.
It's kind of cheating to do it that way, because I know there are a lot of people out there that spend hours in photoshop creating this kind of stuff, but I'm not proficient enough in photoshop yet to do things how I want to, and this was fast and easy.

In Shutterfly studio, there's a button you can click called "collage" that has about a bazillion (no, really!) different templates for a photo collage. You can do them with text & captions, or just photos. I chose to do one with just photos, and then saved it as a .jpg. Once I did that, I did open it in photoshop and added text there (because there were a few things I wanted to mess with), but you could easily do that in Shutterfly Studio.

I swear, I'm making this sound harder than it is, but I promise it isn't that difficult. ;)

For those of you interested in uploading an image to your blog banner, you can email me (although I'm mostly just jimmy-rigging mine! hee hee) or you can do a google search for instructions on how to do it (most of the instructions out there are a lot better than what I can give).

Now that I've wasted the last hour messing with my blog when I could've been chilling out some more, I think I'll get off of here and spend a little quality time with.... me.

Ciao, bellas & fellas!
Blogger Adrienne said...
Looks good! The only thing that is missing from your banner, is ink stains on your arms and fingers! LOL

Blogger Disney Scrapper said...

Blogger Lisa said...
you are the cutest thing!! love the new banner!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Hey pooper! I do have a question. If you load your photos in there and then want to keep that as a JPG or whatnot, can you take that to Wal-mart, for instance, and have it print it nice and pretty?

Thanks and love!
~old hinkley

Blogger Deanna said...
It looks fabulous, and yes I was going to ask you how you did it! Thanks for the quick how-to. You're so good at that, you need to give yourself more credit :) People like me (not savvy) appreciate people like you :D

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I love the new look!!

Blogger Jenn said...
Hi, I am a friend of Karen's and I lurk from time to time. She sent me over here b/c I am having a hard time getting that one pic of my 3 boys for our Christmas card. She said you gave some instructions here on how to do it.

I just wanted to tell you I LOVE your new look! Great job. I am wanting to personalize my blog so thanks for the info.

Blogger Michon said...
Love your new banner!!
Love all these incredible ideas! thanks for sharing!

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