Wednesday, November 21, 2007
So thankful....
for my secret sister!

Let me just tell you- I'm involved in a secret sister swap on the Scrap Etc. message board... it was started as a fun way to get to know other participants going to the Event in April, and also- it's fun to get packages in the mail!

I have had so much fun already, picking out cute things for my secret sis, but I have to tell you, the girl that is MY secret sister- she is spoiling me.
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I got an awesome package today, which was just what I needed. I hate the whole packing/preparing to go out of town thing (esp. with toddlers), plus, obviously, this week has been a bit exhausting for us. ;) I opened up a big ol' box from my secret sis full of goodies that TOTALLY brightened my day.

Check it out!

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Thank you so much, secret sis! :)
Blogger Katie said...
what an awesome secret sis. And SO SORRY about Emerson's arm. Its got to be so hard dealing with that and being preggie at the same time.

Blogger Morgan said...
Oh my gosh, that is some awesome loot! You've got a great secret sis huh!!

Blogger Missy said...
Oh my goodness, that is one sweet sister!

Blogger Jana Eubank said...
Wowzers! Now that is one sweet goodie package! :) You'll be having lots of fun for a long time. And if you don't "need" any of it, by all means, you can send it my way! :) LOL!

Anonymous Mandy said...
Sweet! I got a cool package last week, too. See, I told you this would be fun. ;)

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