Friday, November 16, 2007
It's Friday morning.

I'm on the computer, chatting with Shaun and finishing up a layout I began last night.

Em's in their room, changing clothes.

I hear Atticus walking around, bouncing a ball.

The sound comes closer.

I look over, and - wait a minute.

That's not a ball I hear bouncing.

That's the sound of our plunger. Being used as a walking cane. Around the house.
Blogger James said...
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this made me laugh & i really needed to laugh right about thanks!

Blogger Jana Eubank said...
LOL! Hope you ran and stopped that one! Atticus probably looked at you like "What? What's the big deal?" Too funny!

Blogger Adrienne said...

Anonymous cindy b said...
OMG!! Now THAT is funny!!!

Anonymous Bethany said...
please tell me you took a

Anonymous Mandy said...
FUNNY! I can't wait to see a layout about that!

Anonymous Carol said...
Could have been worse.... my cousin's son once was found LICKING the toilet brush!!! We are still not sure why!! So , I guess you mopped today??!!

Blogger Amy said...
that is too cute! oh and love the new banner by the way. :)

Blogger Morgan said...
I seriously laughed out loud!!! I LOVE your kids, they supply me with smiles almost daily!! You crack me up ;)

Blogger Abbey said...
I love the plunger visual! Too too cute.

Hey, I want to get one of those hanging trays ordered form you for my friend Amelia's new house.

Can I put in special requests? Or is that absurdly annoying??

Email me @ and let me know. She's alerady painting and will be ready to hang things soon!

Blogger Britney said...
kids are so hilarious! where do they come up with it all?

Anonymous debbie said...
ROFL V, your kids I just love those two - they crack me up! :)

Blogger Kim said...
Love that story. Felix is OBSESSED with the plunger. Gross.
Love your new stuff on your blog.

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