Monday, November 26, 2007
a list for Monday.
-I'm wanting to be in a good mood because my brain is full of several crafty and around-the-house projects ... but I'm not so happy because my kids are grouchy.

-Pink eye and fractured elbows and withdrawals from spoiling relatives makes kids grouchy.

-I like rainy days. I am glad we are getting some this week. Makes me feel all cozy inside.

-I am sick and tired of Atticus getting into every single thing in our house and finding some way to make a bigger mess out of it.

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(That's non-toxic stamping ink on his face.)

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(At least he's really cute.)

-I'm freaking 35 weeks pregnant. That's only 5 weeks left, IF I go all the way to 40 weeks.

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-I need to make a list of things "to do." Like finish Christmas gifts, pack my bag for the hospital, and make arrangements for the kids' childcare while I'm at the hospital.

-I am glad I have all the little clothes I need, thanks to already having a girl and my sweet friend Katie passing along her Campbell's tiny pink outfits.

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-I'm feeling overwhelmed a bit by all that's going on. When I do this, I tend to withdraw socially because social stuff stresses me out. I'm trying to be aware of this and not get too analytical about everything.

-I'm so very, extremely, hugely thankful for my husband. I'm glad we are friends. I'm glad I can trust him. I'm glad I feel like I can tell him things. I'm glad I feel like we are partners. He's a keeper. ;)

-I'm very excited about Christmas. I've already gotten a huge chunk of the decorating done, and am hoping to finish it today. I just love sitting in our living room with a mug of hot chocolate and basking in the lights. Hehe

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-I'm on a big hot chocolate kick right now. I'm not picky about what kind it is (although my fave is definitely the kind from Starbucks!). Just give me a big ol' mug of hot yummy chocolate. It's the only type of "hot" drink I like, and I must be cold to drink it.

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-My kids were given (decaf) coffee by my sweet husband yesterday. Which ensued in Emerson crying for about 10 minutes yesterday afternoon for "more-more coppee!" He didn't even add much sugar to it!

-Emerson has been really, really cooperative with the whole cast thing. She's asked a couple of times "Take it off?", but other than that, has not been really frustrated or hindered by it. I'm really proud of her. I totally thought we would have a melt-down when she got tired of having it on her arm. She's such a tough little cookie.

-I am thrilled to be on the Crop Addict Design Team again! They have the BEST kits- seriously. Tons of stuff in them. :) :) :)

-I'm still in my pajamas and don't foresee changing out of them today. I'm putting the kids down for naps in about 45 minutes, and then I'm planning on cleaning, decorating, and scrapping. Maybe not in that order.

**Actually, I think I'm putting the kids down now. I can't handle the crying anymore.

***While I was waiting for my pics to upload, Emerson climbed into my bed and fell asleep. Atticus tore apart Sabriel's room and had a massive poop. He's headed to bed now.
Blogger Andy said...
sounds like a busy day.
love the ink on your boys face.
know you probably don't.
sawyer sleeps like that too even at 4 months. he looks like a little man.
emerson's looks cute in her cast. i'm glad she's such a trooper.
love the baby clothes.
your house is beautiful.
i need to get started on mine.
i have those pj pants too btw. hope you got your big cup of hot cocoa and rest or scrapping.

Blogger Lisa said...
Aw, I just wanna hug you!! I remember what the last little bit of pregnancy was like and it wasn't pretty - and I only had a husband, no other kids. So I sure hope the broken bones are over, the pink eyes turn back into beautiful non-itchy ones and that your kids will laugh and laugh for the next five weeks - no tears at ALL!! I know it's a dream, but here's hoping, right? Love your decorations - the lights are beautiful. And yum on the hot chocolate. I haven't found any that's sugar free and lo-carb enough for me to drink. I'll have some soon though - I won't be able to hold out forever!!

Blogger Adrienne said...
I remember when my tummy was like that lol. Not much longer now!! How sweet of Katie!!! THe kids are cute as always....even with non-toxic ink on their

Blogger Jana Eubank said...
Your kids are too cute and your decorations look beautiful! Hang in there! You're almost done! ;) (I sooooooo remember how LONG those last weeks felt. Hopefully, Christmas will help speed things along.)

Blogger Britney said...
You are one busy mama! Sounds like superwoman to me :) You're house looks so lovely. It's always great to have the glow of the lights at Christmas to keep you company. Totally lovin the fact that it's hot chocolate season- although i've had to cut myself off of it. going cold turkey for a while ;)

have a good week!

Blogger Kim said...
I miss you, friend. I totally freaked when I read about Em's broken arm. Poor baby. (you included in that!)

So... when's your cookie swap?

Anonymous Mandy said...
Your house looks so great. It looks like the kind of house I would like to hang out in...cozy and sweet and just beautiful. ;)
I can't believe you are about to have that baby. Time flies. Well, I guess it flies faster if you're not the one actually carrying the baby.
Take care of yourself.

Blogger Dollar General said...
Well let me tell you your living room or whatever room that was decorated is BEAUTIFUL! I would love to just sit in it and call it mine! I also LOVE the picture of your belly with your little legs sticking out from under! How funny! Your almost there - and the girl stuff is adorable! What fun! I wish I was ONE OUNCE of organized as you - and creative would help too!
Not to mention the kids are cute as bugs and one day Atticus won't get into anything and you'll look back and somehow someway miss these days. Don't you hate when people say that to you!! Hang in there chickie!

Blogger Missy said...
Sounds like a regular Monday at my house! Stacy poops in my rooms too! Just kidding! He would freak out if he read that. :)

Hope Tuesday is grand and relaxing! Next time in out your way, I will bring you some Starbucks hot cocoa!~

Blogger Morgan said...
Wow, 5 more weeks! Hopefully you will be like me and go three weeks early, then you can be home and snuggly with a new baby before Christmas! You're a champ, the house looks great and the kiddos are super cute as usual!

Blogger Marsha said...
Your home looks so cozy!
You know how your mind does funny things while dreaming? (Well, at least mine does!) Last night I prayed for your pregnancy and your little girl's elbow. Then, while I was sleeping, I had this CRAZY dream that you posted a picture of your new baby that was born on Christmas day and she was wearing black flip flops! Go figure.

Blogger Missy said...
BTW...I love your lights inside your curtains!
I loved it so much that while attempting to do the same things today, I completely pulled down my whole curtain rod out of the wall!
Needless to say, I have no lights in my curtains!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Your house is gorgeous. Leave it to Missy to tear down her curtains though! I like milk instead of water with my hot chocolate. Try it! I wish I could drop by with a prize...maybe someday!

Blogger Deanna said...
Amen to wishing toddlers would stop making messes! I hear ya on that one! The house looks so festive, and you're kiddos are too cute! Hang in there, you can make it! :) {{{hugs}}}

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