Tuesday, November 20, 2007
Em's New Accessory - Or - Like Mother, Like Daughter
So last year, around this time, we made a trip to the Emergency Room with Em because she drank too much of that yummy grape cough syrup... and then two weeks later, Mommy ended up at the Doc-in-a-Box with a broken foot.

Em decided to combine the two traditions into one this year.

Now, before you freak out, it looks way worse than it actually is. The kiddo is coping very, very well. It's a really big cast for a small injury.

Friday evening, the gang and I were at Walmart and Em was being super helpful and cooperative... until it came time for us to leave the store. She wasn't following directions and holding my hand in the parking lot, so I scooped her into the cart and let her ride in the back (the front seat being taken up by little bro).

While I unloaded Atticus into the car, Em decided to try climb out of the back of the cart on her own, and the cart began to roll a little bit. I turn to her just as she's tipping out.

Of course I'm frantically trying to grab her, but I'm not so lithe or quick on my feet these days, so she fell out and caught herself (apparently mostly on her right elbow). :(

(Meanwhile, old gross smoking dude pulls up in the spot next to us and makes obnoxious comments about how Em "sure doesn't look happy" as he stands there and puffs, apparently oblivious to the fact that standing within arm's reach of a stressed out and upset preggo woman is probably not a good idea. Fortunately for him, I bit my tongue and just say in a tight voice, "No, sir. She isn't.")

I wasn't really sure what was wrong with her until that night when we tried to put on p.j.s and she cried when she bent her arm to put it into the sleeve... we went to her dr. on Saturday and they took x-rays (which she was a real champ about, considering that her mommy couldn't go into the x-ray room with her) and her doc said it looked like a small fracture right above her elbow.

She's been really tough about the whole thing and hardly complaining at all. As a matter of fact, I kind of doubted the diagnosis on Sunday afternoon when she was jumping on the bed and landing on her arm without wincing at all.

However, after the orthopedic pediatrician saw her and confirmed the diagnosis yesterday, they decided to go ahead and cast her for the next 3 weeks.

So here's to sponge baths with a 2 1/2 year old (the same one who has been advised by her physician to not "jump around and run") for the next 3 weeks.
(**P.S. Just to clarify, in case anyone reads my tongue-in-cheek telling of the account as being insensitive or making light of it all... sometimes in life, you gotta laugh to keep from crying. I'm choosing to look at the humorous side of things. I really do feel horrible that my baby got hurt, especially while I was right there. Sometimes things can get misinterpreted on the internet, so I just wanted to make sure that was clear!)
Blogger Sannasmamma said...
I love love love your altered items!! =)

//Christine from Sweden!

Blogger Jenney said...
Oh my goodness! Poor thing! I hope the next 3 weeks go by very quickly for your sake and hers!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
You won't be able to keep her down so don't feel bad. The same day E came home from her surgery (belly button and lump removed from her leg) she was jumping on the bed. You are brave for taking both out to the store. I am already starting to wonder how I'll manage.

Blogger Adrienne said...
*cute accessory* It matches her T-shirt! Glad she is okay girl!!!

Blogger Disney Scrapper said...
Oh, poor baby. I am glad she is ok.

I'm so sorry that this happened! But she sure does look cute in that pink cast!

Blogger Britney said...
so glad she is ok! poor little one is a trooper. must say though, the pink cast is pretty adorable on her!

Poor baby! She reminds me of her mom, twinkle toes "wilkerson" (at the time) I couldn't help but think of that! Em looks cute as a button with that cast on! She will certainly attract all kinds of sympathetic grandmothers (like me)

My blogger name has my pastor & wife's name. It's just because I tried to get them to do a gateway blog. But it's me, mom.

Blogger Missy said...
OOPs... I will recant my letter to DHS!
Hilarious P.S.

You are right, laugh or cry!
I will have to bring by that dress sometime in the next 3 weeks as a feel better present!!! Nothing makes a girl happier than a new dress.

Blogger Nicole said...
O My! Poor little thing. Glad it was not worse. I am sure it has been harder on you than her. HUGS!

Blogger Morgan said...
I would never imagine that your heart was anything but breaking over this. You truly do have to laugh sometimes just to keep it together. You are an amazing momma, never doubt that! Kids are nuts, Ari did a nose dive onto the hardwood floors yesterday and knocked his head, I was right there the whole time. That Em is one tough cookie and this is just gonna make for another crazy holiday story and some great scrap pages!! Congrats on making the DT again, I'm thrilled to be working with you!

Blogger Marsha said...
Poor baby! Em too.

She sure looks none the worse for the wear.

Blogger Dollar General said...
Don't you hate that casts on kids are so dern cute! I love it - hot pink - matches her shirt! She looks a little proud of it herself.

We had a buggy accident when Anna was little she was sitting down in the back of the buggy I went to get something off the shelf and she had stood up and fell out - it was the most horrible sound and I thought she was going to be dead when I walked around the buggy - but she wasn't - not even a concussion. I took her to a doc in the box after it happened and they said if she starts getting unresponsive, pupils big, doesn't know who she or us then she has a concussion. So, I asked her who are you "I don't know," who am I, "I don't know..." - she is such a player!! Scared me to death - couldn't imagine being pregnant and having to deal with it. And your close to delivery! Way to keep your cool and not have a baby at the grocery store!

Ahhh...Life is SO fun!

Blogger Abbey said...
Girl, I if you weren't pregnant, I would have suggested you take a big drag off that man's cig. But it sounds like you were calmer than I would have been, so probably that wasn't so necessary. I'm glad she's back to her old self agian! (Maybe you can enlist hubby for the sponge baths...I can't imagine you being able to bend over yourself too well these days!)

Blogger Lisa said...
Poor little thing!!! I can remember Cole falling out of his baby bed and I was right there too! It just happened so fast, there was no way to prevent it, only try to make it less painful!! I'm glad she's taking it well, I'm sure you didn't take it as well at all. I totally get the 'laugh to keep from crying' - been there and laughed at it!! Hope your Turkey day was good though. You can always alter her cast right? That would be oh so cute!! :)

Anonymous Mandy said...
Hey V!
I just caught up on your blog and I'm so sorry to hear about the arm. She's a cutie pie, though. I loved your pictures of her. I know you must be exhausted. I hope you found some time over the weekend to relax...I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers.

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