Wednesday, November 14, 2007
Christmas Gift Ideas
I've seen a few discussions going on around about handmade Christmas gifts, so I wanted to post a comment here that I made on Missy's blog.... she's got a cute popcorn holder on there right now, so go check it out! :)

These are some decorated purse calendars I made. Planning on personalizing them with names or initials for folks. You can get these at tons of places, I found mine at Target. They are really fun to make. :)

These journals are AWESOME. I got them at Hobby Lobby. The reason why I love them is that they are spiral bound on the inside (I'm particular about that) but bound on the outside. The insides are pretty too. They are only a few bucks, and then you can personalize them for whoever you are giving it to.
A variation on my now infamous (or rather, overused idea) altered trays. This is a smaller sized one, and it's for putting Christmas pics in.

This is another little tray/sign I made. Just used a tin tray, dry brushed it with white acrylic paint, and added on the paper and embellishments . I attached everything with glue dots (the best glue evah!) to make sure it stayed on there.

Ok, here we go with a link-fest of ideas:

This one I have made before, and it's really fun and customizable. You can store the magnets on the back and each day add a new one.

Magnetic Calendar (designer- Amy Williams)

You could get the kids involved in making the different squares. Walmart sells a pack of 3 cooking tins for $3, or you could check out the Dollar Tree.

Another idea, using the same thing, is to do an advent calendar.

Here are step by step instructions to do it:

Teresa McFayden's Advent Calendar

Speaking of advent calendars, here's one using a muffin tin.

Muffin Tin Calendar

The girl made each square to cover the "holes" on a mini muffin pan tin, and put magnetic strips on the side to attach it. Inside each "hole" is a little treat.

Here are instructions & a pic of yet another advent calendar:

Scrap Etc. - Renee's calendar


Exploding Box

(sounds dangerous, but I promise is not! hehe) It's really cool looking, and the directions look pretty simple, plus the lady has step by step pics. It would be great to do a year-in-review type photo thing!

A friend of mine made one, here's hers:

Linh's box

I liked the colors she picked. :)
Someone suggested also that you could put pics in it of all your Christmas mornings and have it sitting out during the holidays.

This is a pretty nifty idea:

Patricia Roebuck's Altered mirror

You can get the masks she refers to at Scrap Etc., Michael's or Hobby Lobby (they are a brand called Heidi Swapp that is near and dear to my heart). They are only $1.99. Or you can come over and use mine. ;)

Here are some various ideas:

Amy Kiane's Christmas Ideas

I'm so making some of these:

Ali E.'s Button Christmas Trees

Here are the complete directions:

Tia Bennet's directions (and a pic of her button tree):

This is a .pdf file (so you'll need Adobe to open it) of "Christmas Spirit" ideas. One girl had the idea of printing them on pretty paper and then filling up a decorated "Christmas Spirit" box... you pull one out each day of the holidays and do it. You could give it as a gift, too.

Christmas Spirit ideas

I know a lot of these are more Christmas crafts than regular gifts, but I know I've got more ideas floating around. :)


Blogger Lisa said...
great ideas all in one place!! i have a few of these in the works already but I'd like to make them all!! so much fun!

Blogger Adrienne said...
Cute stuff Virginia!!!

Blogger Andy said...
love all the ideas. love your calendars and i think that i am going to try and make the tin pan ones

Blogger Deanna said...
Wow Virginia! Thanks for putting these all in one spot! I'd love to make several of these, and now I can just check your blog! BTW, how'd the bazaar go? Your stuff is adorable! :)

Blogger care-in said...
These are awesome! I'm definitely trying the advent calendar!

Anonymous Linh said...
I'm so called me your friend and referred to my little ole explosion box. LOVE all your ideas. :)

Blogger Amy said...
oh i feel so special. you linked mine. :) thanks. :) hope you are all feeling better now.

Blogger Crissy said...
Side note: I was showing Chris all my purchases from the bazaar. He was being very polite and making all the appropriate noises...

until I pulled out the photo album I bought from you. He exclaimed. He gasped. He thought that it was THE coolest thing. And also way underpriced. Just wanted to tell you.

Blogger Nicole said...
Awesome Projects! Love those!

Blogger Christa said...
I like your ideas but I am still partial to my homemade Christmas present idea.

1 - purchase a gift card holder from Virginia
2 - purchase gift card and place in gift card holder
3 - you are done!
Three easy steps to a stress-free Christmas!!
(Just call me Martha ;)

Blogger Jana Eubank said...
This is incredible, Virginia! Thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge with us! ;) Those brushed silver trays are my absolute FAVE! You are so stinkin' talented!

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