Tuesday, October 09, 2007
Rainy October Day.
You know, I think for some people a rainy October day would be crummy, but for me- it's renewing. Refreshing. Something about it rejuvenates me. So I was digging the weather this afternoon.

Today started out m-i-s-e-r-a-b-l-e. I think I got around 4 hours of sleep last night, and woke up very early with both kids in bed with us. Then, I rouse myself to Em saying "Atticus pooping!" and smelling something gross. Suffice it to say, every bed in the house got a thorough sheet & bedding changing today.

Once all the baths and loads of laundry and such were going, I got the kids ready to get out the door and we hit the park. It was overcast, which made it an eense cooler and bonus- there weren't many kids there. We played for over an hour and wore ourselves out. ;)

Little dude is pretty happy to just wander around and check things out. I wish I could get more pics of him sliding and such, but I always feel like I should have my hands free to catch him. Hehe

After a few more errands, we came home, and I checked emails and such. I looked over at my bed and found this.So I joined her. :)

At the moment, the house is pretty clean (kids pooping & peeing on things makes you have to clean it a lot!) and I have a miniBOOK about halfway finished (with the new Basic Grey Mellow line- lovin' the rich fall colors, even if we aren't seeing any around here yet).

Even with such a *dramatic* start to the day, it was actually pretty mellow. Nobody had any temper tantrums (which have become daily occurrences at our home) and we spent some good times together. Em even did a little painting, and Atticus got to watch his precious cartoons (he's into "Madagascar" big time).

And mommy got some me time this evening. Yahoo.
Blogger Jana Eubank said...
I love rainy days, too, V! Most people feel down when it's gray outside, but I actually get rejuvenated. I actually dance around my house a bit! Sounds like you had a busy day with your cute kids! It's all worth it when you see those sweet angels sleeping, huh? Talk to you soon!

Blogger Adrienne said...
Glad everything worked out today!! :-)

Blogger care-in said...
Yea for mellow days! I just love the picture of your little guy strolling in the park...such a cool fella!

Blogger HEWY said...
The weather is about to be perfect soon when that cold front comes through the area. Im looking forward to campfires and smores.

My kids and I have movie time when it is dreary outside and invent new types of popcorn flavors.

Blogger MsGrace said...
I like rainy days too. Great photos of your day.

Blogger Abbey said...
Please please please let me take humongous bites out of your children. They are so squeezable and cute I just can't stand it. Atticus looks like he has rubber bands around his ankles and I LOVE IT!!!!

Blogger -C said...
Loved hearing about your day ... encouraged by your redemption of a rocky morning. You know mine often starts with poop too. For once, I'm awake before my guys ... I like that just as much as the cuddle time we have in the mornings when they come by my bed and say, "I'm awake, Mom!"

Blogger michelle said...
What a great day! I love the picture of Atticus walking in the park. He is too cute. And the picture of Em sleeping was perfect. I could just picture you snuggling her cuteness. I love me a rainy day too. LOOOOVE THEEEMMM!!!

Blogger Missy said...
Your kids are definetly going to grow up knowing they are much loved by their momma!

Blogger Morgan said...
I am begging for a rainy day here! Love the pics, your kiddos are too cute! I start every morning with poop as well (in Ari's diaper...), it's just one of those things I guess. Best to get it out of the way I suppose!

Blogger Kim said...
I love Em's sneakers.
By the way, the other day I went to the Moody Homecoming Parade and I saw Emerson at the age of 5. Seriously, I had to do a doubletake. She had braided pigtails and was wearing a very Virginia-style dress. And MaryJanes with no socks. She had a sweet, round face with flushed cheeks, just like Em's. Very cute. And twilight zonish.

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