Monday, October 08, 2007
I've had two really great weekends with the most amazing, fun times- in a row.

However, for some reason, it just makes Mondays all the worse.

Can I just say:

If I hear one freaking more time "You've got your hands full!" from some jerkbutt, smirking person, who watches me struggle with my two little ones and their multiple bags, blankies, and Lambies, I'm going to say some words that a mama really shouldn't say outloud to strangers.

It's been a rough day.

And tonight we are trying to get the kids to sleep in the same room together.

Fun times. Fun times.

Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow with a much more cheerful & entertaining post.

Oh and Carol- I'm so using that heatpack thing for my back tonight. It feels so nice. :)
Blogger 3QTGUYS said...
Wow, V! I hope things perk up for ya! I know just how it is to have an "off" day!

Get some rest, have some fun, and enjoy it!!

Hey, after all! If those strangers think you have your hands full now..........just wait!!!

Fun stuff!!!

Who cares!!! You're just so cute!!

Blogger Jennifer said...
Boy, I SO understand. I pray it gets better every day this week and you can enjoy time with your kiddos and hubby.

Blogger Adrienne said...
OH hang in there! It does get better!!! :-)

Blogger Michelle Lanning said...
h no - hugs girl -- I know what you mean....

Blogger Lisa said...
it is so annoying isn't it? i only have one, and never had to juggle more than that, with all their stuff - but i can remember how annoyed i would get when i would be out in public - really pregnant and trying to cross a parking lot and people wouldn't stop to let me cross. that was my pregnancy pet peeve i guess. i mean, let a pregnant woman cross in front of you at walmart, it won't kill you! I remember wanting to say things a mama shouldn't too! Sorry you had a grumpy Monday - and I hope you have a terrific Tuesday today!!

Anonymous Carol said...
Sorry people are stupid. Sorry your day made you grumpy. Sorry your back hurt. So glad the heat thingy works! Hope today is awesome for you, and your kids, and their blankets and Lamby, and all the other paraphernalia that goes with them!!

And I just spelled paraphernalia so wrong that spell check didn't even give it to me as an option!! Took several attempts before the computer was like...oohhh... that's what you tried to spell!!!!

Blogger Morgan said...
Hugs... hope your week gets better! Strangers drive me nuts too, I have to count to five silently and take deep breaths to keep from saying something Ari shouldn't hear!!

As I was checking in for my flight Friday the ticket girl said, "don't you have anyone to help you?" I just looked around and said "do you see anyone here?" Drives me nuts!

Blogger Katie said...
Oh yeah, know exactly what you mean! People can be so annoying - LOL! Either they are exclaiming over how many children I am herding, or they are exclaiming over how cute they are when I am trying (trying!) to discipline! The other day E. tried to STEAL something from Books A Million and the lady at the counter said "oh, it's all right"

Blogger Katie said...
Yes. One day, when I was in the middle of potty training J (and had lost all sense of humor) I HAD to go to WalMart. I was pushing Cam and carrying J when some man said, "You have your hands full dontcha!". I gave him the nastiest look of all time. I wish people would just keep it to themselves.

Blogger Abbey said...
Ugh! Sounds like you have your hands full! Laugh laugh snort snort. So kidding!

It's always fun getting two into the same room. We transitioned this summer to 3 in one room, and that was a total blast, let me tell ya.

I hope you feel better soon!

Blogger michelle said...
Yuck! Sorry. Maybe you need another great weekend ;)

Anonymous Mandy said...
Make some of those oreo truffles for yourself
go back to bed.
This will be a distant memory soon.
And if it's any made my weekend better with your very great class. I LOVE my tray...and as usual, LOVED hanging out with sweet YOU!
HUGS (lots of them).

Anonymous Christy D said...
Dave and I just put the girls in the same room a few months ago. It didn't work so now we put Hannah (the 3 1/2 year old) in our bed with a video and she watches tv for 1 1/2 hours until Lydia (the 2 year old) gets to sleep. Then we move Hannah in to her bed. It works out well because I get my quiet time at 8 still and I don't have to go in and out of the girl's room's until 11 telling them to be quiet, stop jumping in bed, etc. We did that for about 2 weeks then started the DVD thing.

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