Sunday, October 21, 2007
Even more random.
I thought of a couple more random facts about me, today in church.

1. I have this image in my head, every time we have communion, that I'm going to be passed the tray full of bitty grape juice glasses... and I'm going to drop it all. The thing is, this could totally happen to me.

2. Also, when we take communion, I always feel like I am taking shots. Plus, because grape juice is disgusting to me, I always kind of shudder and grimace afterwards. I don't think that's supposed to be my response to what's going on.

3. My brother once drew a little cartoon for me in church. It was on our bulletin insert with the song lyrics for "Change My Heart, Oh God." There's a line in the song that says, "You are the potter, I am the clay." Donovan drew this silly little picture and then crossed out the words to say "You are the Potter, I am the Snape." Every time we sing that song now, I burst into giggles.

Wow, so I'm really irreverent, hmm? This is just some of the inner workings of my warped mind, y'all.


I'm waiting for some paint to dry on a layout, so I will share some pics with you. The quality of the pics aren't super, but the subjects... ;)

Kids so live in this house:

This is part of our nightly routine (brushing teeth and such). I love how little dude looks like a grumpy old man. Taking after his daddy, methinks. ;)Hehe

We played outside today. It was nice, although still too dang hot. Tomorrow is supposed to be rainy and chilly. Wahoo!

[Speaking of tomorrow- I've got an OB appt. first thing and it will include another ultrasound. (There's a few things they want to keep an eye on, but nothing major.) Anyways, a few nights ago, Shaun says, "I think it's a boy," after feeling her (?) kick around a ton. He's starting to freak me out a little. I don't like change. I suppose we'll find out tomorrow if the first ultrasound was correct! Gulp! ]

Ok, guessing the paint is dry on the layout now. Later dudes!
Blogger Adrienne said...
hahahha, the tissue is like that in my house too and TOO funny about the song! LOL!

Blogger Kim said...
I HATE when I go into the bathroom and see that the toilet paper has all been pulled and is laying on the floor. Screaming on the inside.
Silas is laying beside me and, after seeing Atticus, said "Mama, is that Atticus? I didn't know he could stand up!"
The boy looks like Shaun. Good grief.

Blogger Morgan said...
Ari hasn't found the TP yet, although he is fascinated with the toilet... likes to bang on it like a drum! Only boys could find bathrooms so much fun.

Blogger Heather said...
I guess I should read your blog more since I see you are pregnant! Congrats to you! You have such a beautiful family! ;) And too funny on the thoughts on communion and made me laugh! ;)

Blogger michelle said...
I always LOVE your pictures!! Those are too cute.

Blogger Lisa said...
Well, I'm hoping you let us know son if She is still a She! :) And cute photos of course. The toilet paper looks like that in Cole's bathroom too - always. Him and Emerson have the same toothbrush I think - Blue's Clues?? And each time we brush our teeth (I still do it for him, his fine motor skills don't work well with teeth) I have to bark like Blue and pretend she's say's "Hey Cole" and "Can I brush your teeth?" and "Thank you" :)

Blogger Missy said...
Loving the cute striped tights!

Blogger Sarah said...
your children are so delightful!

Blogger care-in said...
I too have a fear of dropping those little juice filled cups on me. I think I was an adult when I finally started taking the tray and passing it for myself instead of letting the person next to me pass it!!

Blogger -C said...
Love your randomness ... I think of dropping the tray all the time too. Your little ones are adorable!!

Blogger -C said...
Love your randomness ... I think of dropping the tray all the time too. Your little ones are adorable!!

Blogger Abbey said...
So cute!!!!

Blogger Andy said...
love all the pictures but especially the bathroom ones.

Anonymous debbie said...
OMG how adorable are they. and ROFL, I am so never going to be able to sing "Change My Heart" again. LOL

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