Tuesday, September 11, 2007
I was tagged by Michelle, my belle, (sorry, I can't help but sing that song every time I think her name) to do this little game where you use the letters of your middle name to describe yourself. (I think.) And if you don't have a middle name, like my kids, you can just make one up.

However, I do have a middle name. So here we go:

L- late nights... often most every night. It's the only time the house is peaceful and all to myself.

E- extremely preggo. And I'm only a little more than halfway there.

A- anal retentive about my closet being organized. Gotta do it by color (black, white, red, pinks, greens, blues, browns) and then within the color, long sleeved to short sleeved.

N- nails, as in my toenails, must be painted and kept neatly trimmed for me to be happy (yet another one of my weird foot obsessions)

N- nicknames I have been called: Virge, Virgie, Poop (honestly, really a term of endearment. For real. I have weird friends.), Va, blackflipflops, and several others that I would prefer the world not to know. :)

E- excessive amounts of stuff. I am a "stuff" person... it unfortunately makes me happy to have things surrounding me. I'm trying to get better about decluttering my life and becoming less materialistic, but it's hard. I like my stuff.

Ok, so I'm not sure who all has been tagged and who hasn't so I'm throwing this out there to all my Scrap Etc. and Crop Addict friends to do. :) Post here if you do the game so I can come read it!
Blogger michelle said...
I van think of what some of those interesting nick names would be. hee hee! Also can you please come organize my closet?

Blogger Morgan said...
I happened to see the game while I was looking for that Lomo link... check out my blog to see it! I'm totally inspired to get a Lomo camera by the way!

Anonymous debbie said...
Oh my gosh - we are twins. LOL. My closet is the exact same way. And the funny thing is that I try to have my childrens' closet that way but being boys and messy, it doesn't stay that way and I get way stressed.

Here's another funny: so because I line my clothes up the same way you do, when I was on a cruise at the beginning of the year, I came back to my cabin and realized that my cabin stewardess had either tried on my clothes or were checking them out. And I know this because they were no longer in color coded order.

And I'll play the game but will have to do it later tonight.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
HAA HAA!!! The closet thing...did I get that from you or did you get that from me?

I do the SAME. In fact, the other night I was putting up my shirts and I thought, "Wow, Virge was SO right. I did NOT need another blue graphic design shirt!"

~Old Pooply

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