Tuesday, September 11, 2007
Something from the weekend.
I have to confess something.

I absolutely 100% love our church. I get SO much out of each sermon, out of the love and community of the people there, out of how God feeds me each Sunday with His word that is taught through words and actions.


I also have a hard time concentrating without doing something to occupy myself...

so sometimes...

um... ahem..

I sketch out layout ideas and scrapbooking topics while I'm listening to the sermon.

Is that sad or what?!

I promise you, I'm totally absorbing what is being said, I just need something to occupy that right side (or is it the left? I get that confused!) of my brain.


So anyways, I had this idea last Sunday to create an art journal every Sunday night, kind of reviewing what I'd learned that day. It's not limited to the sermons or music or whatever; I'm going to use it whenever something in particular strikes me that God is teaching me.

Me being the visual person that I am, I think that this will help me "meditate" and really process more of what's going on in my heart.

Here's the first installment. I had a blast creating this album cover... ideas that had been tumbling around in my head came out just the way I wanted them to.

And here's some pics of my crazy kids. Unedited, in all their blurry (Grr.) glory.

(An aside: I'm really struggling with Em these days. Her personality is VERY passionate, which means she keeps me laughing and entertained, but also keeps me frustrated and drained when she goes through phases like the one she's in right now. Constant tantrums and both of us very frustrated by the end of the day.

I keep trying to remind myself of something a wise friend once told me. His sister had been through a lot of tough stuff in her life, but because of her strong personality, it also helped her come through it. Em's passion and strength will help carry her through the hard things in life. )
Blogger HEWY said...
I would always draw the interior of the church. As a child, we went to the Old Saint James Methodist in downtown Montgomery.

It had a beautiful gothic wood interior. The original members had several woodcrafters and they did some wonderful cravings that were hidden in the rafters.

I find myself still doodling around sometimes during sermons.

Blogger michelle said...
That is such a great idea and a beautiful book. I loved the pictures of the kids too as usual.

Blogger Missy said...
Your creativity blows my mind Virginia!
Hang in there with your girly. I think we've all been in that place with our kids, and you are not alone!
Remember, "A weakness is just a strength pushed to an extreme."
You're a great Mama!

Anonymous Erin Bassett said...
I do the same thing at church, LOL! I love your "soul notes"....I thought about getting down what the Lord's teaching me creatively, but so far I haven't done it...but you may have convinced me to do it!!

Blogger Adrienne said...
What an awesome book!! The kiddos are just adorable!

Blogger care-in said...
Girl, don't feel bad, Xavier reads his philosophy books in church! Elliya's in a "let's frustrate mommy" stage too. Just make some time for yourself and know you are not the only one that may loose it from time to time. Xavier says just spank her, spank her for nothing if you have to!!!!! You know not to take him seriously right?

Blogger Kim said...
Sweet Virginia... I'm sorry things are that way with Em. I really enjoyed the pictures though. She looks like she's telling you something very important. Atticus's hair is sooo cute. Shaun told me the other day that Emerson is insisting on dressing herself and gets mad when you try to help her at all. She's so independent. Thank goodness she was your first right? She'll outgrow this stage she's in.

Anonymous debbie said...
Loved the art journal idea.

Great pics of the kiddos. If you don't have a copy, get Dr. Dobson's "The Strong Willed Child". It'll give you a new perspective. When my strong willed one gives me grief, I have to turn to it along with lots of prayer.

I pray that the Lord will turn Em's stubborness into being stubborn for Him; a passion so unending that her fervor for the Lord is unmatched.

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