Thursday, September 20, 2007
A conversation.
My back has been pretty sore lately, so the other night I was desperate for a hot bath as soon as Em got into bed. I was hoping that the heat would help relax all the tight muscles and give me a little relief.

Not five minutes into the tub, I hear Shaun go into Em's room. He comes into the bathroom and recounts this conversation:

Shaun: ???
Em: (points to bathroom) Mommy's back hurts.
Shaun: yep.
Em: Mommy takin' a bath.
Shaun: uh-huh
Em: (holding her back) Emerson's back hurts. Emerson take a bath.

Love how her little mind works.
Like we're really going to fall for that. ;)
Blogger Abbey said...
Awww, come on! You didn't let you toddler into your relaxing, theraputic bubble bath? Why not??

Soooo cute.

Blogger Kim said...
I love it when all three kids want to take baths with me.

Um, that's a joke.

Blogger Adrienne said...
haha too cute!!!

Blogger Katie said...
the kiddies catch on pretty quick. when i was preggie, i always thought it was funny when j would tell people he didn't feel good because he had a baby in his belly.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
So cute! Can't blame her for trying!
Oh- Virginia..... just curious... what is your fav. type of chocolate... I don't know... like maybe from Godiva?? Just wondering... :-)

Blogger Missy said...
Kids...they do pick up on everything!

Blogger Jennifer said...
That is so great - and could've been copied from a little girl I know at my house who enjoys "ruining" my relaxing baths. :-)

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