Friday, September 07, 2007
happy friday morning
(You'll need to pause my music player over on the right to watch this video.)

This is the first thing I saw this morning. My silly friend Michelle sent it to me.

The perfect way to start out a Friday morning.

Check out this video: walk it out remix

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('70's dance video set to this music. Could they have done it more perfectly? LOL)
Blogger Adrienne said...

Anonymous Carol Snyder said...
That cracked me up- Thanks!!!! It was a little thrusty for the 70's!!!!!!

Blogger Kim said...
loved it.. I was laughing really hard.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
ok, so now i want to know what they were really dacing to.

~old hinkley

Anonymous Rebecca said...
I was thinking the same thing, what the heck were they dancing to? That killed me! Fabulous!

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