Thursday, August 09, 2007
In which I am stung and swell to the size of a balloon.

Sorry so long since my last post... I have been out of town for a couple of days to celebrate a belated birthday with my mom and to visit my Grams. It was intended to be a wee little vacay from regular life and a chance to just chill out.

Unfortunately, Mr. Hornet/Wasp/Yellow Jacket/Some Other Evil Type Bug with a Huge Stinger had different plans for me.

After being at Grams' a mere 24 hours, I had decided, after a messy dinner & dessert of birthday cake, to give the kiddos a bath in the kiddie swimming pool in the backyard. Redneck? Yes, a wee bit. But it was fun and practical- all in one rolled up mess.

So anyways, I'm sitting watching my son wander around the yard with glee, and all of a sudden I feel a big ol' pinch on the bottom of my foot. Within seconds I'm blinded by pain (no, I'm not exaggerating) and can barely focus on anything else. It seriously felt as painful as some of my labor contractions- that mind numbing, grip your seat, grit your teeth, and bite back ugly words that you might regret later type of pain.

My hero/cousin Shawn (not to be confused with my husband, ShaUn - I might be Southern enough to bathe my kids in the backyard, but not enough to marry my cousin) helped me hobble in while my sis corralled the kids and got them bundled inside. Within an hour, my foot had swelled to an unreasonable size, I had incredibly itchy hives all over, and was finding it difficult to breathe (probably partially due to panic, but also due to the fact that my face was looking very puffy and my lips appeared to have just returned from a trip with a collagen injecting needle).

After several doses of benadryl, here I am, a few days later, fine and dandy but without that lovely little check-out from reality that I was hoping for. And in case you're wondering, I've never quite had that reaction from a sting before, so it was a bit of a surprise for me.

Fun times.

Oh, and little Sabriel (yes, Molly, you were right about the name! I'll be sending a prize your way!) is quite fine and none the worse for the wear... other than having one freaked-out mommy.

(Little dude tuckered out after shopping. So sweet.)

And this picture has nothing to do with the others, I just thought it was funny... because my daughter is wearing her baby brother's shirt. (And shorts - backwards - and flip flops). What a nut.
Blogger Adrienne said...
Oh no...glad you are okay!!!

Blogger Disney Scrapper said...
Good grief girl. I'm just glad you are ok. I went my entire shildhood without being stung. Last summer I got bit twice! I would have freaked if I had the reaction you had!

Blogger care-in said...
Goodness gracious, I would be freaking out too. Glad you're okay!

Blogger Jenney said...
Yikes!! Glad you're better now, but OUCH!!!

Great pictures, BTW! =)

Blogger Dollar General said...
I stepped on a bee once and CRIED! I was 18 too! I hate that for you - but I was hoping someone had a camera - Can't imagine you with swollen lips! Some think that is sexy - HA!
I'm glad you're back to "normal" - if being pregnant can be considered "normal"!
Here I say it again - your kids are adorable and full of personality! I love when you post pictures of them!
Have a good day! Love ya, Pg

Blogger Cheryl Wray said...
Glad eveything's okay!!
And I love the name!! I'm a big fan of unique names for girls (since mine are McKenna, Delaney, and Sydney aka Scout).

Blogger Britney said...
ow! glad you're feeling better. :)

Blogger Kim said...
Oh my dear! I wonder if it was a pregnancy thing or what... I had a wasp fly down my shirt yesterday, but managed not to get stung. Not sure how that happened, but afterwards I drowned the poor sucker in roach spray that I continued to spray on him until he was killed. overkill is my style.

Anonymous Becky said...
I'm glad you are ok. I am highly allergic to wasp and you described most of my symptoms to a T! I love the look of the collagen in my lips, I just don't like the blue tint that goes along with them! My last episode was a doozie and hope I never get stung again! Hope the same for you!

Anonymous Mandy Johnson said...
Virginia! WOW! I'm so glad you are OK now. And so excited about Sabriel...beautiful name.
I think of you so often. Keep in touch!

wow she can totally fit her little brothers clothes!!! How?

Oh yes glad that you are ok by the way!

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