Tuesday, July 31, 2007
tuesday morning
woke up this morning feeling a bit yuck. the kids have had colds for a bout 2 years now, and i feel every so often like i am getting it. stuffy nose and all over yick feeling. hoping that it will go away.

i need to catch up on a little housework, but i have a feeling i might need to take it easy today. em is being a major grouch head at the moment, so i laid her back down in the hopes she will take a wee rest and wake up in a more cheerful mood.

atticus is happily playing with some insulation tubing (this long foam type tube for plumbing), using it like an extended arm and banging on all that he can reach.

here's a few things i've created recently... the cards are from a challenge from karen- i think the papers are stamping up. not sure what the images are. i had to use the fun stuff in a little package she sent me, including the stamped images. i love them!

you can't really tell from the pics, but both of the stamped images have this cool glitter stuff on them called stickles. i really like the dimension and sparkle it gives a project.

harper lee (a little friend of ours) helped me come up with a sentiment for this one: "eight is great!" i think i'll be saving it for her birthday in january (when she turns 8). :)

this is a diaper bag tag i whipped up with the scraps from the paper. can you tell what my fave colors are?

ever have a bunch of scraps leftover from a project? i had a TON of these small pieces of the French Twist line from autumn leaves, and some Creative Imaginations/Karen Russell die cut papers... so I punched a couple of holes in them and made a little notebook to jot down things that happen that i want to make sure to remember (like silly things that the kids do and say, etc.).

can't have a post without a little in it. :)
Blogger care-in said...
I soooooo love that cupcake card! Your little tag books is brilliant! You're my idol!

Blogger Dollar General said...
I just can't get over how TRULY creative you are! I wish I had just a dusting of it! I've completely abandoned the "scrap" thing! I'm too far gone and it seems WAY too overwhelming! And now with all this digital stuff - I don't even print pictures out! I KNOW I will regret that one day! I'm proud of you Virge! I hope you feel better soon! Your kids are REALLY adorable too! Love those little smiles!

Blogger Katie said...
Love that cupcake card too!!!! So cute :)

Blogger Adrienne said...
Too cute!!!! Love that cupcake card!

Blogger Sarah said...
Totally LOL at the kids having colds for 2 years. I feel you on that.

You rock the scraps, my dear.
That emerson is one cute dolly!

Anonymous Debbie said...
Totally adorable! Loving that diaper bag tag, could even work for a crop tote. :)

Blogger Jenney said...
I hope you all start feeling better VERY soon! I remember when I was pregnant with D, I had a "headcold" for 3 months...ugh! I hope yours doesn't last nearly that long!!!

Awesome work, girl! You know I'm gonna be making me some of those buttons! ;-)

Blogger Britney said...
hey V! love the creations! is that cupcake a stamp or made by hand? Where can I buy it (if it's a stamp?)...I'm totally obsessed all things cupcake! =) Please enable me! ;)

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