Friday, July 20, 2007
the true countdown
has begun.

and those of you who are non-harry potter fans will breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that i won't be waxing poetic on the last days of speculation and what-not.

but before you release that breath of happiness, know that over the next few days, if not weeks, i will probably be analyzing the results of the end of this series, reliving my favorite moments, and theorizing on whatever's left to theorize upon.

later dudes. off to the release. :)
Blogger Jenney said...
Have fun, girl!!

If you're going to a party, I hope you're taking your camera!!

Blogger Jennifer said...
V, I sure hope you spoil the ending for us. Not being a HP fan (brace yourself - I've never picked up a book yet), even I care what happens!

Blogger Adrienne said...
Have fun girl!!! LOL Jaelyn is waiting on her book!!!

Blogger Nykki Griffin said...
the event last night was wonderful! enjoy reading that harry potter!!

Blogger Katie said...
I finished it!
And all I have to say is that I feel ViNdIcAtEd!!!!!!
K :)

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