Thursday, July 12, 2007
I can't post a long entry today... barely have two brain cells bouncing together to make coherent thoughts as it is.

Order of the Pheonix is a dang long movie; not that I noticed it when I was watching it... I would be happy with a 10 hour long one.

My only problem is seeing it at 10 at night and not getting to bed until 2am. And then - you know - caring for my kids the next morning? Heh.

Anyways... it rocked. It's my favorite of the movies (and it's been a long time favorite of the books of mine too). I wished they had included the scene with Neville & his parents in St. Mungo's rather than just having him tell Harry about them- I've always been very emotionally affected by that scene and I think it would have carried more weight of the darkness of the story (and that Voldemort brings), but - I can live with it.

They did a most excellent job with communicating all of main stuff of the story.

(Ok I just need to stop. "Main stuff of the story"?! That doesn't even make sense.)

I loved it.

The end.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Yay for Ron being more 'Ron-ish'!!!

Boo for Western soundtrack.

Yay for LUNEY!!!! She rocks and I love her!

~old Hinkley

Blogger Adrienne said...
LOL! Glad you liked it girl!

Blogger Jenney said...
Glad you got to see the movie! Take a nap, girl! =)

Blogger Katie said...
I totally of the series. It was fabulous. I have started thinking about Neville lately...he and Harry have alot of similarities. Dying to see the next one now!

Blogger mary h. said...
You know I kept waiting for them to show Neville's parents at St. Mungo's. Loved the movie. Half Blood Prince I think is my fave so far. Just a few more weeks till the new book.:)

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