Sunday, July 15, 2007
Shoes & Songs.
**I added a new song player thing over to the right, so hit play if ya wanna listen. I set it to not automatically start because I know that's sometimes inconvenient to have music suddenly playing (like if you are at work or holding a sleeping baby- hehe). **

I had the house relatively "to myself" this weekend, meaning that Shaun went to help his dad with a project, so me & the kiddos were on our own.

Sometimes, I get a little excited about this, because it energizes me at night. I feel the freedom to spread out stuff on the bed, to watch girly movies, and to stay up late listening to music because it's not going to bug the Old Man.

But this time, although I did do all of those things, it was lonely at night too. I jumped at EVERY creak (and living in a 75 year old house, you have a lot of creaks at night) and missed telling him silla (Emerson-speak for 'silly') stories about the kiddos. I am glad he's home. :)

On one of our adventures this weekend, we ran up to Walmart after dinner and bath. Yes, I let me kids go to Walmart in their pjs for a quick run up there... and I let Em pick out her own shoes to wear.

We got lots of attention. ;)

Today at church we had a gorgeous little choir from Haiti come. It's called the H.O.P.E. choir, and it consists of children that have been orphaned for one reason or another.

If you know me well, it's been my heart for a long time to adopt a child- I felt like I was supposed to be the mom of a multiracial family. Right now, we feel really daunted by the fact that it is enormously expensive to adopt, especially a foreign adoption.

Today, though, dude. My heart was just overwhelmed by these kids' stories. My face was covered in tears.

I have a thing for the little guys, too. They are just too stinking cute. There was one little boy who had the biggest smile- I wanted to take him home with me today.

If you want to find out more about the ministry that has set up orphanages and care for this kids, check out Project 127. It's a really cool ministry that is rescuing these kids from slavery and poverty.

Our church decided to help the kids make scrapbooks so that they would have a record of their trip here in the states- and that was so up my alley. I went through and purged a ton of paper & stuff, and it felt so good to see it being used this way. The kids came here Saturday afternoon and did NOT want to leave their scrapbooks. They got up early Sunday, went straight back to them, and then after church & eating, they whipped them out again.

Although there was a major language barrier, it was so cool to see them going to town with some Basic Grey and decorating their pages with their own beautiful artwork. :)

Here's a (not very good) pic I got this morning:

Speaking of little guys, MY little guy was not feeling well at ALL this morning... I think he is teething. Here's where I found him after our potluck dinner.

And finally, here's a song I've really been digging lately. This band is one my little sis got me turned on to, and I've been listening to them non-stop.
Blogger mary h. said...
Wow! That is really awesome. I feel that one day God will place another child into my arms. I hate even thinking about orphanages because that brings the thought of people not wanting to really love really beatiful children of all ages.

Also, at least the kids were cleaned. And at least Em had on shoes. ;)

Blogger mary h. said...
OH!!! YOu might could try teething tablets found in the vitamin isle at Wally World. They are homeopathic. Worked like a charm with my girls. The bella donna put 'em right to sleep. LOL.

Blogger Adrienne said...

Blogger Jenney said...
What a cool ministry!!! It's very cool how scrapbooking can be everyone!! Love it!

Anonymous debbie said...
ROFL that Emerson is a riot! And her pose while wearing the shoes. :)

:) He is good, perhaps this was a foreshadowing of things to come.

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